Tuesday, January 15, 2008

ahh simon, how i've missed your droll criticism

Are you all as happy as I am that American Idol is back?! Fun fun fun! Gotta root for the mormon girl from Mesa, right? How cute was she? And she could sing too. =)

So I'm watching my 3 yr old nephew and have my 3 yr old Daycare Dearie and of course my charming 3 yr old Ethan and wow...today was a day! I about danced down the hallway when I had all three (plus my other totally cutie patootie Sitting Charge) down for naps at 1. Ahhhhhhhhh.... At least Ethan has school tomorrow. But I'll have Daycare Dearie's lil newborn brother as well, so it's gonna be a busy one.

Oh yeah, and it's Danny's final in Paramedic Class. OH and our fuel pump and battery just died in our truck. Yah, the truck that we just put $2800 into a few months ago. Gotta love it. So...no stress going on around here. Everybody say a quick prayer for Danny, ok?

I did these layouts this evening and lu-huv them. Love. Them. Although the second one needs a title. Anyone have any ideas?


Kate O'Brien said...

So glad American Idol is back!

love the layouts! and praying for Danny! I'm sure my husband could relate!

Kendra said...

I am so excited for American Idol! I missed the girl from Mesa. I must have been changing a diaper or something.

Good luck to Danny! We will remember him in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

how bout "home sweet home"

Ashley Harris said...

Ah, you are the scrappy queen. You get so much done! Hope all goes well for Danny and all is well for you!! Hey if you want more card inspiration, head on over to http://cardstudiodesigns.forumlivre.com/ and join in the challenges! Fun stuff! Take care!

Mike & Kenia said...

You're such an artist Amie!! I love the Valentine's cards. Danny'll do good. Don't worry. We miss you guys!! kenia

Amie said...

Love the LO's just beautiful work :o)