Wednesday, January 30, 2008

not too much to announce *with update*

For my Weigh-in Wednesday, I didn't gain or lose, which is a miracle since I spent 3 days with family eating what they ate (but trying to be smart about it) and then last night we went out to Denny's where I ate very smartly, but was forced to drink 2.5 cups of cocoa. Oh I love thee. I would take a good cup of hot chocolate over a candy bar any day. Mmmm...

Danny's National test will take place in approximately 58 minutes. Needless to say, we are both very nervous! The test will take somewhere between 60-90 minutes. He will not get the results until tomorrow morning, likely, so we'll both still be a bundle of nerves until then. I feel like he's done everything he can possibly do. He's had his nose in the books for the last 5 days straight (well, 2.5 years straight if you want to get technical), took lots of practice tests, studied study packets from those who had already taken the test and did learn some new things there as well, so that is comforting. Saturday before his Dad left, he gave Danny a Father's Priesthood Blessing, which was wonderful.

He can do it!!! Everyone be thinking of him today, ok? Thanks for all your support and encouragement! (55 minutes til the test!)


So he took it but he doesn't feel overly confident. Actually he doesn't feel confident at all--but no one who takes this test feels good about it afterwards. The weird thing is, it's not a regular 150 question test that you need to get 120 right to pass. It's a computer test based on the level of accuracy of your answers, and it IS multiple choice. You need to have your answers 80% correct to pass. Not 80% of your answers on the whole, but 80% of each question...does that make sense? The computer stops administering questions when it determines the % of your knowledge. I know, weird.

Of the three that had already taken it:

One dude passed after only 80 questions.
One girl failed after only 75 questions.
And one dude passed after 150 questions.

Danny got to around 80 and was stopped by the computer. So he doesn't feel that he 'aced' it so to speak, rather that he bombed it hard, quickly. Hopefully not. But we'll find out tomorrow. Oy. I'm already sweating.


Christine said...

Oh! Wow! Have you heard from him yet? I'm nervous for him too! I know he'll just do amazing! That's so great about the Father's blessing! He sets such a great example for your boys!

The Gardner Fam! said...

Well, it's 10:07am, so he should be done! Yahoo! :o) Let us know how he did! :o) So exciting!!

Christine said...

Every test I thought I failed, I usually passed. I'm sure he did great. I'm sure you'll be on pins and needles until tomorrow!

LIZZEE said...

He's worked so hard.. It's stressful to take test.. I hope he does ok..If not I know he learned frmo this one.. but more than likely he won't be trying it..I'm sure he aced this like he did the rest of it..good luck to you guys

Christine said...

I fully expect to hear a huge yipee or yehaw or yahoo or whatever his (and your) little heart desires tomorrow morning! Gonna be so exciting!!!!!!!!!!