Sunday, January 27, 2008

our weekend

Here's our big boy all grown up and graduated! Lots of Dan's family was able to come for the graduation and we're so grateful for that! His mom, sister, brother, and their spouses from here, and his Dad, step-mom, and sister from California as well. The ceremony was very nicely and beautifully done with a lovely banquet afterwards. The cake was super yummy. =) This was a lot of work--I am so proud of Dan!

All the graduates got a lovely gift from the school of a stethoscope with their names on it and a new paramedic-patched shirt with their names embroidered on it. (Dan's was spelled wrong, so they took it back to redo it--I'll take another pic when we get it back) So nice!

It was fun to spend time with Danny's Dad, step-mom, and sister Amy. It was a whirlwind visit, but so awesome that they'd come all the way over for just the evening. They did stay the next day for both boys' basketball games, and that was fun too!

Look at my cute in-laws!

And Dad with Amy. So goofy!


Christine said...

Wow! What a wonderful graduation. I know you are so proud of him! Nice to have the family together for it as well.

LIZZEE said...

Congrat on the graduation.. I know it's been a long time with this.. I'm sure it will be all done soon...