Wednesday, February 13, 2008

10 years ago today

I ate egg rolls for breakfast.

I said, "Yes," to the most important question ever.

I saw Forever by looking into his eyes in the mirror.

I took outside pictures in 80 degree February weather.

I was late to my own reception (construction on the freeway, I promise!)

I danced with my Daddy to "The Way You Look Tonight".

I married my best friend.

I started my eternal family.


Christine said...

You just gave me goose bumps. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy honey-loveie day :)

Christine said...

I'm totally teared up! Congrats on your anniversary. There will be so many more!!!!

Toni said...

Happy Anniversary!!! One decade down, eternity to go :) Congrats!

tif-do said...

That's really beautiful. Happy Anniversary!

Amie said...

Happy Anniversary.... have an awesome day xx

Congrats to Cameron for learning to ride his bike he must be very proud of himself.

Have a great day

Kate O'Brien said...

Beautiful post Amie!!

Jaime said...

Happy Anniversary Amie!!

OneHappyfamily said...

Construction on the freeway? Yeah that's what they all say! J/K Have a wonderful anniversary. I think you mentioned you were going to "the happiest place on earth!"

LIZZEE said...

Happy Anniversary Amie and Danny..
Have a great celebration and congrats on many more year to come.

Maria said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day :-)

jinxi said...

Holy cow... Im bawling like a baby... Happy Anniversary! That was one of the sweetest things Ive ever read. :)