Saturday, February 16, 2008

if it ain't minolta, i don't want it

I was lucky enough a few weeks ago to win a free digital camera from Welch's. Do any of you use Welch's strawberry jelly? If you do, you'll notice they have some kind of promotion going on on their packaging--you rip off a sticker and enter a code into an online site. If you're me, you win. =)

So I got the digital camera a few days ago. I just didn't have the heart to even try it. Every camera is so different, yet this one had pretty much the same stats (if less) than the Fuji I finally settled on after the whole Minolta/Canon/Fuji debacle.

(For you who work for the State, yes, I said debacle. It's a word. It may be french. You know how I like to be all cultural and crap. Go look it up. I'll wait.

Back yet? Sheesh, finally. Can I move on please? Thank you.)

So after that whole mess, just the thought of further trying and testing and comparing just wore my little eyeballs out. So I promptly put it up on ebay. Welch's claims this camera was worth $275. I looked around, and I think it retails for closer to $100-$150.

Anyhoo, I started out the ebay bid at $65. If you're interested, go on over and take a look-see. I tried to be all creative in my listing. I'm such a blogger. And yes, I do quote a few Pioneer Woman tricks there as well. Imitation, flattery, all that jazz.

PS: can you tell your friends? I'll love you forever and ever, amen.


Christine said...

First, we people that work for the State are automatically given debacle as our middle names at new hire orientation. Second, Oh my heck, that has to be the most interesting, funny and different ebay listing ever. It needs to get some type of "Wacky Posting" award on ebay. You'll get a ton more readers on your blog for that one. More beloved masses :)

tif-do said...

That is the funniest Ebay listing ever. Good luck on selling your camera.

leaner said...

Great listing.
Personally, I am a fan of the Panasonic brand. This is a camera that I seriously considered buying! We however found a nice Kodak at Target on Black Friday for cheap and it has been my friend (now that I am figuring out how to work it.)
I loved our Kodak Dimage. We still have it sitting on the shelf. I believe it is only 4 mp though. Actually we have a camera graveyard in my hubby's office. It is next to the mobile phone graveyard and under the old computer graveyard.

AzKisses said...

Congrats on your win and good luck on selling it in eBay.