Sunday, February 17, 2008

a little bit of this, a little bit of that

Have you guys heard of this gal, Stephanie, AKA CrockpotLady? She has made a goal of making and posting a crockpot recipe/meal every single day for an entire year. An entire year? Isn't that amazing? Isn't she brave? Isn't she nuts? Quite possibly. To make matters even craaaazier, her family eats gluten-free and her kids are picky like mine, so that certainly makes her experiment a bit more difficult! I've really enjoyed checking out her blog every day. Go on over and say howdy. The other day, she posted peanut butter brownies made in the crockpot. Seriously! Kill me now! Basically, she says there isn't anything you can't crock. She posts pics and everything, go take a look-see.

And now for something completely different.

I've been purusing my sitemeter site lately, just noticing where people come from, especially after I had a sad encounter with a visitor who did not like the way I conducted myself on my blog. I won't go into that matter--hopefully that is done and settled and the visitor-who-didn't-like-my-blog has finally gotten a clue and stopped-visiting-my-blog. Duh.

But now I'm curious...I've noticed so many new vistors from different places, and honestly I have no idea how you found me! Would some of you newbies mind sharing and introducing yourselves? If you don't want to leave a comment here, you can email me at

For example, just this past weekend I got visits from IP addresses located in:

Lutherville Timonium, Maryland
Albany, Oregon
Saint Paul, Oregon
Mississauga, Ontario
Singapore (?!)
Jamaica, New York
Nederland, Texas
Kingman, Arizona
Kirkland, Washington
Union, Iowa
Joplin, Missouri

and many others but those in particular, yeah...I have absolutely no clue who they could be, *giggle*. Feel free to speak up, say hey, let us know if you have a blog, if we share a hobby, or have a common friend.

Have a nice day, everyone!


Derby Queen said...

That big red dot over FL, is me! and prolly my friends who visit my blog being curious...LOL.. That amazing how many people visit u! I saw a dot in AFRICA!!! I think I'm gonna post a meter. That's just too cool!!


Sarah and the rest of the family said...

I don't know where my dot shows me but I am in Whitehouse, TX, I found you through Brook's blog.

Wendy said...

I am in England!!!!! wendy x

Crockpot Lady said...

thanks for the shout-out, Amie! I'm having a lot of fun.
bay area, ca!

Teresa said...

Hi Amie, It's me in Nederland, Tx.... Aren't those site counters neat?? Oh and I have no idea how I found your blog.... You may visit my blog here....

Christine said...

I'm from Surprise AZ, :-) teehee

LIZZEE said...

I'm in calif... LOl...=-),,,
You always make it fun.. and umm if you don't like it I say then don't read it freedom of opinion and speech why look or make nasty comments tisk , tisk some people.. I personally enjoy your stories..

Maria said...

I love Steph's crock pot blog!!

Cassie said...

I am in TN...I found your site through the CrockpotLady's site...I enjoy reading your blog...Keep it up!