Friday, February 22, 2008

redeeming our reward

First of all, I sold my camera on ebay for $91. Woot, woot! Not bad for fuh-ree! Thanks for looking and an extra thanks for those who passed it along.

Monday we finally followed through with our promise a few months ago that if we as a family read our scriptures and said family prayer every single night for 60 straight days, that we'd celebrate at Castles n' Coasters! What a crazy busy fun filled day! Ethan was introduced to and loved the roller coasters! He was very ticked off that he couldn't go on a select few and let us know it. He also missed his nap that day which made things a bit tedious from about 2:30-5. Both he and Cameron just loved the Patriot roller coaster ride and kept their hands up the whole time.

Near the end of our day, we discovered a little mini freefall that Ethan also fell in love with. Technically, he was too small for the ride, but they never checked his height--and he did it multiple times. I'm lovin' the videos of this. But I hated the ride. I HATE freefalls. Hate hate hate. Not fun for me. But I took one for the team.

Sean is at a great age for this park--he knew his favorites and he just kept going on them over and over, usually sitting with teenage girls and getting friendly, lol!

We all went on the Bumper Boats ride, which again, I'm such a party pooper--I'm not a fan. I just hate having a wet butt all day! Fortunately, I came out relatively dry, but Dan's badunkadunk was soaked for the rest of the day!

We ate well as I mentioned earlier {ie: we ate horribly}. Sigh. So hard to eat healthy away from home!

Golf, the arcade, bumper cars, we did it all. So much fun. And fun to have a nice family day off all together. (See the web album for lots more pics!)

PS: the look of terror on my face is not staged for the camera.


tif-do said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun, well maybe not you so much, but it looks like the boys had a lot of fun!

The Bluths said...

It sure looks like Ethan thoroughly enjoyed himself. What a fun trip. Where is this at?

Toni said...

It looks like your boys had a blast! Ethan was so cute on the Patriot(I want to do it again!). Your getting close to having all your kids tall enough for Disneyland :)

I love the new look of your blog. I'm gonna have to have you help me change mine.

Christine said...

I can't wait to see your face on certain rides during your va-ca. We used out cameras to take pictures of the ones that you usually have to buy. Way fun! Congrats on the camera and most importantly the 60 day run with prayer/scriptures. What's the next challenge?

linda said...

Looks like a ton of fun and a great time.. Congrats on the 60 day run with your family scripture and prayer time.. I need to do something like that with my family..

Anonymous said...


Margee' said...

Amie, Looks like you all had a great time!

Betsy said...

Hey Amie I love looking at your blog, it keeps us updated with you guys, it looks like it would be fun to be in Arizona right now ( this Utah weather is driving me crazy!)

Carca said...

What a great idea as an incentive to read scriptures as a family...I am inspired...looks like fun!