Thursday, April 17, 2008

10 random facts for you this day, about me

My youngest son (three years old for exactly 9 more days) has taken to calling me "Your Highness" and "Your Majesty."  I don't know where he got it but I love it.  I think more people should refer to me as royalty.

My fingers are sore and raw--I've been playing guitar and piano every spare minute for the past 24 hours.

My hubby and I started reading "Twilight" together again this week.  Last night we read the Meadow Scene; I have fallen in love with Edward all over again.  Swoon.

I'm having a really bad hair day.  Really.  Bad.

Today my Grandma turns 85.

My backyard smells like fertilizer today...strange, because we treated the lawn well over a week ago and today is the first time I've noticed a smell.

My husband is working the next three days straight.  Sigh.  Making up for last week when he took time off for the wedding I'd rather not talk about.

I have lost my scrapbooking mojo...anyone seen it?

Some tube having to do with the A/C and the air compresser yadda yadda yadda yackety schmackety ramma lamma ding dong in our truck has broken and will cost us $350 to replace.  Sheesh, for the amount of money we've put into this truck this year we could have bought another one.  On the positive side, when we do go to sell it, we can claim it has almost all new parts!

The Easter candy is almost all gone!  (Can you believe we still have some?  That's cuz I finally stopped swiping it when the kids weren't looking, lol)


Christine said...

Oh, THAT wedding. *sigh* Anyhoo, I have not seen your mojo, but I wish I did because I would capture it for a short time to get some work out of it before returning it to you. :) BTW, I know I'm weird, but I still love Jacob (I think it's the hairy thing, you have seen my hubbie LOL)

The Bluths said...

Our truck costs: $400 for brakes repair + $400 for AC repair. I feel your pain.

I need to re-read the twilight books again, I've only read them once.

AzKisses73 said...

Your yadda yadda yackety comment cracks me up. You are hilarious.. I can't help with the Scrapbooking Mojo cause I have been trying to get mine back forever.. ;p

Jenna said...

Love all the facts, very interesting. I think I may have to suggest being called 'your majesty' that would be refreshing. You better get your mojo back before Saturday! I am in no way prepared!

Heidi said...

Something about being called royalty that just puts a spring the the step of any mother. You're right - in the south they refer to women as "ma'am" I think all mothers should be referred to as "Your magesty" I love that idea.

And sweet on the new truck! LOL!

Heidi said...

And I add that I just got Twilight & the other two books from the library - having a hard time getting into it, but I'm making myself because everyone says how good it is...we shall see, your majesty.

Lindsay said...

Funny that you mention reading Twilight again. I was thinking to myself recently, "I should re-read the Twilight books before Breaking Dawn comes out- and this may take a while since I'm so busy, so I'd better get started". So I started Twilight last week, couldn't put it down, and finished it in 3 days...just like the first time! I'm intentionally trying to hold back from starting New Moon b/c I don't want to finished them and be done w/ months to spare!