Sunday, April 6, 2008

i say misoo, you say misoh

So it's totally not my style to do so many posts in one night, but I just had much too much to say.   Just be 'ware that there's something like 5-6 new posts I'm publishing tonight down below.   Can't shut me up once I get going. 

Anyway, before the weekend got too far gone away from us, I wanted to mention that I had the most rockin' couples' night out at Ah-So the other night with my dear friends Dude and Bro. Dude along with CC and Mr. Dee-Jay.  We'd been wanting to go for a while, so we finally just did it!

The atmostphere was so fun and busy, and I have to admit it's nice going with someone who actually lived in Japan for two years and knew what he was talking about, along with two culinary masters at the table.  Course, even with all the experts, Dan and I totally chickened out and got the chicken teriyaki tempanyaki (see what I did there?).  What can I say...I'm a picky eater and I know what I like.  And the teriyaki was soooo good.  It's always fun eats when fire is involved.  Yee-haw, yummy in the tummy!

Afterwards we went back to the party house as it's been dubbed (not mine, Mom!) for some Wii games and Harry Potter Scene It.  Holy Harry Potter nerds!  I thought I was a fan.  These two couples knew Harry Potter like he was a relative!  We stunk that game up big time.

Still fun.  Thanks for the laughs, the good eats, allowing us to lose big at both games, and especially for the Little Birdhouse in your Soul.


Ashley Harris said...

Gotta love Harry Potter, Ah So and a little You Might Be Giants! Have a great day!

LIZZEE said...

Looks like a good time had by all.. THey are just making a new one in Goodyear so I finally might be trying it myself someday..hugstake care

Christine said...

Awesome good times! We are gonna have to make this whole date night a regular thing! Looking forward to Sunday dinner at Dude's house.

Toni said...

Yes, sadly I am a Harry Potter nerd but who cares I kicked y'alls booty :) Thanks for the good times!