Friday, April 11, 2008

last chance, folks

Just wanted to give you local folks one more chance to enter my blog candy drawing for two tickets to the Desert Botanical Garden.  (I'm picking the winner tonight.)  To enter, scroll on down a smidge to the post entitled 30,000.

On thate note, I forget which day it was, maybe Tuesday, that I achieved my 30,000 hit status.  I knew it was coming some time during that day, so at one point, I hopped on my blog to see where my counter was at, planning on tracking down the 30,000th visitor if possible and offering up somethin' extra special.


I was the 30,000th visitor.

Ohwa tahdor kiam.

(Go ahead, read that last line out loud a few times if you need to.  We'll wait.)

Got it?  Yeah, me, big dork.  Oh well.  I had good intentions...guess I'll have to save the special prize for 40,000.  Which means ya'll are gonna have to keep visiting.

Thanks again for making me feel loved!

I'll post the winner tonight 'round sundown.

PS:  wasn't The Office hilarious last night?  And who else is SHOCKED at the outcome of American Idol???  I thought for sure he'd make top 3.  He was one of my favorites.  I'll miss you, you big studly australian Hottie!  You can come throw shrimp on my barbie any time.

PSS:  Did I just say that?  I apologize for saying that.


tif-do said...

I was suprised... do you think it had anything to do with the ascot??? I mean, that in no way is fashionable in the US. It kinda made him look a tad, well, dorky!!! But what a singer!

Christine said...

LOL! I can imagine you using the accent to say "shrimp on my barbie" Hee-hee! The Office was hil-lar! I just kept turning to James and saying "I'm so glad this show is back on!"

AzKisses said...

Ha ha ha.. You are hilarious. I was pretty shocked too. Unfortunalty I think American Idol sometimes turns out to be a popularity contest versus a singing contest. Im sure he will get a record deal though. He was a talented singer.

Natalie said...

I'm so glad you're now "office"ially hooked! :) Jan was off the charts! She cracks me up - just completely insane! I was watching an old episode of Friends the other day and there she was. She's was Ross' date when his monkey attacked her hair. Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Puh-leeze people! Let me tell it from a male's perspective, He has NO talent what so ever! I kept hearing people say what a great singer he was, he sucked! The only performance I thought was worth anything was Queen, we will rock you. He should not have made the top 12. The top four should be, both Davids', Brooke White and Carly Smithson. They are the real singers in that competition.