Saturday, April 12, 2008

my five

Johnny Depp
Grauman's Chinese Theatre
Tom Welling
Ewan McGregor
Christian Bale
Jon Bon Jovi
Who's in your Top 5?


leaner said...

I have to say that picture of the Deppster is one of the hottest ones I have ever seen. Drool. He is sooo in my top five!
Ewan McGregor, too.
As for the other three... well I would have to think about that a little.

tif-do said...

You've inspired me I will have to post my top 5 later. FUN!

Anonymous said...

Amie you weirdo! Oh and lets see Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Rebecca Romaine, and Janet Reno. Oh yeah, Janet Reno is HOT.....!

Christine said...

LOL, though you'd have to fight me for Mr. Depp (who sadly is getting married to the French lady this summer).

AMANDA said...

That is some HOT eye candy you got there....I think I'm going to stare at Mr. Depp for a little while longer...*sigh* :D

becca said...

whew! I love Christian Bale, Ewan and Jon!! I also love tom and johnny... steamy post! hehe!

Carca said...

You are tooo Funny!

Amie said...

Amie that was fun to read all very hot.... but I would have to add patrick swayze but it has to be from his dirty dancing days....

Amber said...

i down right fell out of my chair on this one. Freakin hilarious! You seriously crack me up woman. I'd have to say that other than your last man on there, you've pretty much nailed my top ones as well. lol- thanks for the laugh! :)

Derby Queen said...

ahhhhh Christian Bale.....sigh.....he's a little old for me, right? he's like 30! I also like Matt Damen, Ashton Kutcher, Joe Jonas, and......ummmm my BF,!

Christian was awesome in the Prestiege and 3:10 to Yuma, right, right??? lol