Tuesday, May 13, 2008

12 of 12

I joined Susan's email list this past month, to help encourage me to participate in 12 of 12.  Basically, you take tons of pictures on the 12th of each month, things that help document your life on that particular day.  You then edit out your 12 favorites and if desired, scrapbook it.  I think in the end, it will be a great way to get a kind of snapshot of what our life was like each month, important things we did, how we looked, what we ate, etc.  Here are my 12 pictures I chose to print out, and hopefully the layout will be done in the next couple of days.


Cameron can read this whole book.  He's not a great reader yet, but he's so proud that he can read this one.  If you let him, he'll read the whole thing to you.  And if you're a nice uncle, you'll sit and listen patiently...right, Ben?



Ethan's birthday present.  I find these little guys all over my house, sometimes headless.  Who knows why?


Thanks Christine.  This puzzle is of the devil.  Of the devil.


After losing another few fish, we went back to Pet Smart for 2 more goldies.  Let's see if these last past the week.  We're not even naming them any more.  Just calling them #17 and #18.


Bless his heart my husband is obsessed with palm trees these days.  For the past year, he's been coddling, feeding, nurturing, and singing cultivating our segos--and the ones who got shade were just fine.  But the others, well...I don't want to share the nickname I've been using for them online because I know I have sensitive readers, but I'm happy to report today that the Big E. is gone from our front yard.  Hubster is now into mediterranean palms that supposedly will survive in full sun.  Sigh.  I'm so sick of palm tree talk.  Is this how my hubby feels when I try to discuss anything Twilight-related?


I worked out today.  I love aerobics.  We have some fabby teachers.  See here and here.


My son has gotten into Webkinz.  You buy the dumb dog then you enter it's dumb code onto a site online, then you get to take care of, feed, walk, and otherwise raise your little animal online.  I'm not sure if this is brilliant or retarded yet.  All I know is, my son wants to use the computer every waking minute of the day.  However...is he learning responsibility in taking care of a pet?  Anyone else have these?


Oy.  Eww.  Ick.  Not a great self-portrait, but it's a good one for the 12 of 12 challenge.  I'm still getting over my pink eye as you can see.


Our latest bill from our truck.  We are now up to a grand total of $4,170 put into our truck this year just since last fall.  Are we insane???  Good grief.  I can't wait to sell this thing.  The good news, the AC now runs frigid cold.  The bad news, I HATE this truck.  It haunts my dreams.  Err, I mean, it's a great truck!  Anyone want to buy an S-10?


The approx. 50 rated R DVDs we are getting rid of.  I thought this was an interesting shot.


My brother moved back to town this weekend and yesterday was the first time I'd seen him in almost a year.  He has this new deathtrap motorcycle that he gets around on.  The kids loved the helmet.


I tried a new recipe last night that was so easy:  BBQ hamburger cups.  Fridge roll in the bottom, then cooked ground beef with BBQ sauce, topped with cheese.  Not too bad.  Lots left over.  I overestimated my family's hunger quotient.  Anyone need dinner tonight?


Heidi said...

Sounds cool - but can you imagine what my house would look like -- or what pictures I would be taking if I happened to be cycling on the 12th of each month! LOL! Dinner looks delish! Did the boys eat it up? I wonder if my fam would like it? Maybe I'll have to try

Anonymous said...

webkinz, webkinz WEBKINZ!!!!!!!! they ROCK!! I have 8 and Dylan has 8. MY gram had that exact one! and my mom has one and my Aunt Betty (ur cousin) has one, too. I love them. They are totally great! Love the pictures and captions, too!

ttys! trina

AMANDA said...

I loved all your pictures!! What a cool idea - must do this....miss seeing you around everyday!! Hope all is well!! :)

Linsey said...

What a fun idea! Such a good way to document the little things that seem "little" but really define what is going on in life right now!

The Bluths said...

What a neat post! Especially because I'm mentioned as being fab :)

heather said...

i enjoyed this post.

tammiauayfuay@coxnet said...

I love the 12 for 12 idea. GREAT fun. Tammi

Christine said...

Yeah, sorry again about that puzzle :) Very cool idea!

Jaime said...

We love the webkins in our house, all of the girls have 3, I think?!~
Even my little Ashley can log on and take care of her pet!

Carca said...

Dinner looks great! Sorry about the truck...we had a minivan that costs us double for what we paid for it, it stinks!!...loved the self portrait!

Heather S :o) said...

You know how you were talking about webkinz?? Well, I have..... a few. 24 to be exact, and I know you're probably thinking I'm too old to be playing with them, I think they are very fun and not retarded!! :D So you have nothing to worry about!
And you really do get to take care of them-feed them, buy them furniture for their rooms and everything like that!!!