Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ethan's emergency

So you all know that we've had our pool passes for something like 3, 4 weeks now, right?  And you remember the videos I posted of both Ethan and Cameron jumping off the diving boards the first week they learned how to swim?


Well, a few days ago, Ethan was doing some jumps and was doing all right, getting a little bit tired I guess, but still, doing ok.  He did a dive and I guess took a little bit longer to get to the side than the lifeguard liked, and when she saw me walk to the side of the pool to help him out, she blew her whistle and jumped in to save him!


When this happens, everyone has to exit the pool as they take care of the emergency or act out their drill.  Now we've been there numerous times (almost daily it seems) when they act out a drill and everyone has to wait on the sidelines while the mock rescue goes on.  Minutes later, after fake CPR is performed, etc, an announcement will come over the PA saying "This was just a drill.  Now you know what to do in case of an actual emergency!"

So, as per protocal, everyone was scooted out of the pool while the lifeguard swam over feverishly to 'save' Ethan who made it to the shore just fine, by the way.  Of course several lifeguards came over to help and administer CPR if necessary.  Ethan and I just sat down-he, completely oblivious to the attention he'd caused, and me, pretty much embarassed outof my head that everyone in the water park was staring at us wondering if Ethan was going to make it or not.  *snort*


I just mentioned that he just learned how to swim the week before, and that sometimes he gets tired and kind of stops stroking, just doggy paddles in place.  We tell him to "swim like a shark!" and put his head and body underwater.  He swims much better that way.  Anyway, I assured the staff that he was fine and that he just needed a little break and they decided not to write up a report.

Minutes later, the announcement over the PA was heard:  "This was an actual emergency.  Now you all know what to expect in the event of an actual emergency!" 

Sean, who had been on the opposite side of the pool came over to us, quite excited. 

"MOM!" he said, "There was an actual emergency this time!"

"I know. . . it was Ethan."

"No, no, there was an actual emergency this time!"

"Yes, I know, it was Ethan!"

A pause.

"My brother?"

"Yes. . . but he was fine, the lifeguard thought he needed help, but he was fine."


The lifeguard, by the way, is a young gal, probably 16-ish and totally cute as a button.  She mentioned that she did a belly flop as she was diving in to 'save him' and that she was so scared.  Well, I'm grateful to her and for her over-cautiousness.   I know it looks like a pretty glamorous job, but my guess is they are either always hot, or always cold (I know how I feel after getting wet and then having to stand out of the water. . . especially with that mist blowing on you. . . brr!)  Also, they are constantly being ignored as they try to  remind kids not to run and obey rules.  Sure, they get great tans, but their hair is all fried, much like mine now, and they'll probably all get skin cancer in 40 years!  Anyway, my point is, it's probably tougher than it looks, so let's hear it for the boys and girls in red who try to keep us safe.



Now, every time we see her, I say, "Look, Ethan, there's your lifeguard!" and we try to swim extra carefully so she doesn't have to belly flop her way to save us again.


The Bluths said...

That's hilarious! I wonder why she felt the need to do that? I like how you can see the clouds in your glasses.

Christine said...

LOL. I would have been embarrassed too. Way cute story.

Toni said...

Wow! That would of totally embarrassed me also. It's good to know they really are watching out for the kiddo though.

Princess Audra said...

Ha HA! We didn't know they watched the pool over there!=) You should come check out the cool "white, untanned" life guards at Hollyhock Pool!=)
-Amanda + Audra(Fellow pool watchers)

P.S. Thanks for the kind words... yeah it's hard work sittin in a chair all day!

Jenna said...

So funny! It is good that they are overcautious, because I'm sure there are some pretty negligent parents out there that would not have been watching as closely as you. What a tough boy he is!

Carca said...

Glad everyone is OK...cute swimming suit!!!

Zarah said...

*giggles* Cute!!

...and another cute thing: YOU! I love that photo!! You're soooo pretty it's almost illegal, probably, *nods* :D

Delfina said...

Lol... You tell it so good.