Wednesday, June 4, 2008

from one truly frustrated gal...

I will not attempt to describe the many many ways in which my desire to have a working computer in my house has been thwarted, again and again. I was incorrect when I stated my hard drive had died on that last post--it's my motherboard--I'm not sure why I typed that wrong. Anyhoo, we ordered a brand spankin' new jobbie from Dell which arrived a couple of days ago. Hook everything up only to find that our monitor doesn't have the right hookup for the brand spankin' new upgraded video card in our new 'puter. Get to Best Buy to find out options only to come home spending more than I wanted and STILL not have the right equipment. And so on and so on, rinse and repeat.

Finally, I am left to sitting in the parking lot in tears as now I CAN NOT FIND the part I need, at least not within a 30 minute drive. It goes on an on. On the outside, it looks like I have a computer. I even have a really nice flat screen monitor that cost about twice what we were expecting. But do we have a working computer? No. No we do not.

On the up side: my hubby just got his schedule shifted from working Tues/Sat to working Mon/Wed. Tell me that's not awesome!!

Ethan learned how to swim last Saturday. He just decided he wanted to, we worked on it for 15 minutes, and he's now a swimmer.

We've been totally busy with brekky/lunches at the school, Movie Tuesdays, and swimming at the community pool each and every day. I'm getting a nice little tan.

My bff Christine is going thru the temple and being sealed this Saturday! Woot woot for her! I was almost unable to go, as my sitter cancelled on me AND Dan had not been able to get anyone to take over his shift, but my mother-in-law came to my rescue in the form of a Saturday babysitter and with Danny's schedule changed, all is right with the world.

I can live without the internet for a few more days, right?

Don't have too much fun without me, ya'll.


Margee' said...

Amie, sorry to hear you're still having computer problems. Must be in the air, Gina's having problems with her's too! they are trying to download all of her files to an external drive right now, hoping to save her pics.

Stephanie said...

I've missed your blog! I'm an every day blogger (minus a few days here and there) and I MISS reading your daily happenings!!! Hurry, I need my Amie fix! :)

LIZZEE said...

LOl... amie Computers are no fun when they are down.. I feel your pain... I just had mine taken from me not to long ago it's working but I know the frustration it will be nice to have you back in the blogging world...