Friday, June 20, 2008

my $1100 computer desk

.at least that's what wanting a change for my desk ended up costing me.  I think I have healed enough to tell my sad sad tale.  Let me sum up for you the two weeks in which I was absent.

Amie decided she wanted a different computer desk.  Ours was a corner unit that had been given to us (thanks, Lysa!) and it was huge with lots of cubbies and space.  But, it was so big, it ended up being a catch-all for all our junk and papers.  I started to think 'streamline' and began looking for armoire-type computer desks with doors that could shut all the clutter away.  Sounds simple enough, yes?

After 2-3 months of looking, we found a relatively cheap one on craig's list and made our purchase. 

Dan broke it bringing it into the house. 

Not all was lost.  The bottom half was entirely unusable because, we found out after the fact that he was supposed to separate the bottom from the top when hauling it anywhere.  Oh well.  The top hutch part was in perfect condition, so we ended up finding a workable desk at the goodwill that sort of matched.  We put the hutch on top of the desk and were back in business.

The first thing I noticed was that our original monitor (the big square boxy kind that are sooo 1995) was too big--too deep for our hutch.  LOL.  Never thought to measure that part!  So, laughingly, I said, "Oh well, we'll just have to upgrade to a flat screen, tee-hee!"  Something we wanted to do, but weren't planning on for a while. 


(this monitor is still up for grabs for FREE for anyone who wants and needs it.  It works great.  it's just BIG.)

Next, I plugged all our computer parts back in and back together and could not get the stinker to turn on.  I tried all sorts of different things, but when it came down to it, I knew I had it hooked up correctly and the problem appeared to be internal.  I called HP customer service and was immediately informed that "Ma'am, your unit is one-thousand-three-hundred-forty-five days past warranty."  (I'd like to pretend that I'm exaggerating here.but no.  This is exactly what I was told in an ultra mellow non-helpful Indian accent.)  Umm, thanks.  Sure, it's an obsolete five year old piece of crap, but it worked just fine 25 minutes ago.

So he said that because it was past warranty, if I wanted to talk to tech support, I would be charged a nominal fee of $69.95 to help me thru this little problem for the next three days.  I was literally speechless.  They charge for tech support?!  What next?  Then I was informed that I could get tech support for free online.  Durrr.that would be perfect, but I couldn't get online!  My sarcasm and anger got me no where with my dear tech support friend from India, so I said No Thanks and hung up.

Day two finds me at Toni's house where I did access the internet and used tech support and found that it was likely a mother board problem, and since my unit was one-thousand-three-hundred-forty-five days past warranty, it would probably behoove me to just buy a new computer.  Toni's Geek Squad husband later confirmed it.  On to the hunt for a new computer.

With Mr. Geek Squad as our guide every step of the way, we ordered a new computer thru Dell with a shipping quote of 3-5 business days once it left their distribution center.  I became very comfy at Toni's and considered renting her couch for a time.

So.I had some time on my hands.  I went ever-lovin' psycho the first two days without email and without contact with the outside world!  I found out that there are people I talk with on a fairly consistent basis that I don't even have phone numbers for.  The computer is my source for just about everything.  I'm not into chat rooms or message boards or any of that non-sense (gave that up a few months ago because it was taking up too much time) but having the internet at my fingertips was just convenient.  Any time I wanted to look something up, I couldn't.  Any time I wanted to shoot someone an email real quick, I couldn't.  I use it to blog and upload & edit pictures, to check my Twilight stuff and download and print coupons, I mean on and on!  I missed it!

So I watched a lot of movies in my computer's absense.  And I did a lot of scrapbooking at first.  I cleaned house and called friends and was reminded what my kids' faces look like (lol).  I felt like a true pioneer woman.  (seriously, how would I have survived in those days?  and I don't even have a palm pilot, ipod, or blackberry like some!)


So the computer came in a week and a half later or so.lovely, beautiful, clean, dust free.  For now, we just hooked up the old monitor to it, figuring we could shop around online for the new flat screen.  But since the new 'puter has an upgraded video card, it wouldn't work with the monitor!  Curses!  Foiled again!  I had the computer, but couldn't use my monitor.  On to Costco and Best Buy for some shopping.  The Best Buy story is a long one which I will just summarize by quoting Brent (Mr. Geek Sqaud) by saying "Don't believe a thing coming out of the mouth of a salesman from Best Buy ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever.  Ever."  After some very frustrating store visits, near-buys, and can't-find-what-I'm-looking-fors, Brent was able to save us by finding the right part (the wrong part according to Mr. Best Buy) and fixing us up.




I think Brent may be out for hire if you're interested.  And I think I may just add him to my will.  =)


$1100 later, we have a nice little armoire computer desk with a brand spankin' new computer and flat-screen monitor.  All because I wanted to get rid of my corner unit.  My husband may never let me try to upgrade anything ever again.  Ever. 


Anonymous said...

Wow, you've been a busy girl! I hadn't checked your blog in the last few days what with the house-hunting and all and you've been busy! Did you get it all off your chest yet? That will learn you to try to fix what ain't broke!


The Bluths said...

That's a nice armoire! And a nifty computer. Don't you love having new things though? :)

P.S. is your blog private? For some reason your time stamp on my blog for you doesn't work like this is a private blog and I don't think it is.

Lorie said...

Your new computer is pretty!!!

Stacy said...

that is the saddest most frustrating computer story I have ever heard. I am glad you had a happy ending. Currently I am coveting your pretty monitor, we too own a giant beast monitor that comsumes all space on the surface of our desk.

life with technology, isn't it great.

Heidi said...

not a bad desk for a mis-match! Stinks that it broke & apparently the old desk was keeping your old computer comfy? LOL! And are you FLEXING in your monitor! ROFL!

Margee' said...

Amie! Your luck with computers sounds like all of us!
Hope all is well with you now!

Petra said...

so great to be able to close around the electrical stuff - good choice of furniture

Willea said...

That looks great! Wish I had something like that :)

Pillerill said...

oh thoose computors issues. can´t live without them. when everything works smothly they are so good, when not ahhrra!!

Anonymous said...

That is a sad story but a beautiful desk and computer. Take care, Tammi

Scoobie said...

It is so typical: it all starts with a small issue and ends up as a big deal.

Carca said...

It looks great....very neat & tidy!