Thursday, June 26, 2008

wednesday, i dub thee "laundry day"

I think we must be having way too much fun this summer because for some reason, the laundry has really backed up this past week.  We attended a baptism Saturday, so between that and Sunday, we needed 10 Sunday-dress outfits, give or take. . . But one child had no pants and another had no shirts.  Child A refused to let Child B wear his pants, even though Child A had plenty of other pants available to him.  My hubby's pants were very worn right in the back pocket/wallet area so those went to the trash and Child C is just growing out of everything he owns.  The towels were all dirty, I had a few blankets that really needed some cleaning, and oh yeah, there was a load of colors left in the dryer that I'd forgotten about.  Fortunately, everyone still had clean underwear, so I figure as long as the unmentionables are in ample supply, we're not too desperate.

The heaps and heaps o'laundry have piled up a bit and usually I try to do it after 9p and before 9a (to get the lower electricity rate) but finally today I announced to the household that today was Laundry Day.  I went around singing and encouraging, "Laundry Day!!  Oh yay oh goody yes, it's Laundry Day!" (Sung to "Horray for Hollywood", lol)  So for quite a few hours, I loaded, moved, unloaded, folded, and put away laundry.  Every single item we own is now clean.


Till tonight when all the laundry baskets will fill up again.

(Fortunately, we're all living in our swimsuits practically, so that helps)  It was nice to get that and a few other chores under our belt for a bit.  I think by the looks of my house, I need to declare a Bathroom Day.  And a Garage Day.  And a Let's-Clean-Out-the-Fridge Day.  I hate doing that.  I've been known to pay a relative to do that for me.  (Nudge nudge, wink wink bro.planning a trip out to the west side any time soon?)


Toni said...

That kinda looks like my house today :)

Anonymous said...

The only thing about us living in our swimsuitd is I have been washing about triple the amount of towels. No fun. I like you Breaking Dawn timer. Take care, Tammi

Lorie said...

Gotta love swim suits!

Putting away laundry isn't my favoritem but I will clean out the fridge any day!

Jesika said...

Ah!! Laundry is never ending! Boo-hiss!!! Good for you in getting it all done today! (Hey, you should try the 12pm-7pm on peak schedule. I love it!! When I switched last summer, I felt like I had so much more time to get stuff done!!!!!! Lots more off peak than on peak! It's been wonderful! I'll never go back to the 9-9 schedule.)

The Bluths said...

It's hard getting anything done before 9:00am for me. Since I have to leave by 8:15 for the workout. I find myself doing laundry outside of that time frame as well. Sometimes it just can't be done!