Wednesday, July 9, 2008

10 second brownie rule


Derby Queen said...

Ah that was good! i thought that was soooo funny! LOL!!

Trina :)

Heidi said...

tee hee hee!!!

leaner said...

So funny and gross.

Justin said...

Hi Amie, this is Shawnette Hansen's Son Justin.
You remember about that Tag you sent her.
The house is never that clean during the day ever,
unless there's company and it's a weekend.
I like your blog.

Justin said...

Just to let U know, my Pic profile is the most updated Pic of me.

Christine said...


OneHappyfamily said...

Oh man that has to be the funniest thing ever! Sad but true! Your email came just in the nick of time. My hubby's girlfriend from high school had been over the evening before, so my house was picked up early. Normally there are dishes in the sink and kid junk scattered around. My kid... Gotta love him!