Thursday, July 31, 2008

book by you

Have I ever mentioned that I have the most romantic husband in the world?  He really is so good about all those little details, little surprises and gifts, notes and thoughtful gestures, and more.  He's also the worst with keeping secrets.  If he ever has anything planned or in the works, he usually can't keep mum about it-he just gets so excited.  It's cute.

He bought this book/had it made for me recently.  It's one of those Book By You publishing projects where you submit your name, info, favorite things, etc, and they put you into the book as the main character, completely personalized!  Danny chose a vampire theme of course (with he being the vampire!) and gave it to me last week, though it was supposed to be a birthday present in a few months.  (I guess he was tired of sharing me with Edward)  So fun!  We read it out loud.  Each time I'd come upon my name or something specific about me, I'd just giggle.

Thanks Babe!  This was really fun!




tif-do said...

I did not know they made grown up books like that. I've seen the little kid story book ones. That is very sweet

Christine said...

LOL, that is way cute. BTW, I know why you read it out loud together *giggles in a 16 year old girl way*

Derby Queen said...


that's really sweet!

My BFF got one from her mom with me in it and it's really cool!!!!

that book sounds good!


LIZZEE said...

What a sweet hubby.

Delfina said...

Such a sweetie!