Thursday, July 24, 2008

how am i old enough to have a 9 year old?

Sean kind of got gypped this year for his birthday due to the whole funeral going on last weekend, so we tried to make the actual day fun for him, even if his party isn't until this next weekend.  A week ago, he turned 9.  We let him open one present, gave him the choice of restaurant for the evening (chinese buffet, yum) and had chocolate cake at home.

Sean is my brilliant son.  He is just so smart, and I wish I could take credit for that, but alas, he's just naturally bright.  He's a super reader and writer, great and math and all the other subjects, and scored 'above average' to 'excellent' on all his AIMS tests last year.   He's a great memorizer.  He always memorizes our scriptures of the month well before anyone else can.

He gets anxiety over new things, but after he's tried something once, he's usually an enthusiastic fan, sports especially, and stays very active.  He's really into Pokemon right now, which has spread to my other boys.  He's a great swimmer, a good singer, and very creative.

I think of all my boys, he's my Momma's Boy, which can be both a good and a bad thing as you can imagine.  And of all my kids, he's the most like me.  He has taken on the unfortunate trait of back talk (from me, totally) that drives me absolutely crazy-and believe me, we are trying to squelch that ASAP.

He's little for his age (the shortest in his class, always, just like me) but he makes friends very easily.  He participates in basketball and soccer during the school year as well as Bear Scouts now that he's 9.  He's very touchy-feely and the most likely to come give me a hug and kiss every morning.  Sean is a great help with the boys when I'm about to lose it and loves to read books to the boys <------something I admit I have a very hard time doing.

He's my biggest fan when it comes to music, always asking me to sing and play piano so he can join along.  At one point, he was even learning piano a bit.  I hope he'll continue that.

We'll be having his birthday party on Saturday and it's gonna be crazy:  a Double Dare themed party with lots and lots of messes!  Going to be fun!

Love you, Sean!



Christine said...

Woot Woot Happy Birthday Sean!!!!!!

Carca said...

Happy Birthday Sean! I have always thought Sean was VERY smart...and yes, you can take credit for that, too:)

Christine said...

Yeah, happy birthday Sean!!! LOL, my oldest is going to be 10 in September. I just am amazed I kept a human being alive this long with really no major injuries :)

Derby Queen said...

Aww tell him I said Happy Birthday!!!

If you feel bad for having a 9-year-old, talk to my mom...I'm 15 and her YOUNGEST is 10!



Trina! :)

OneHappyfamily said...

Hope you have a Happy Birthday Sean. You and your momma are so cute.