Tuesday, July 22, 2008

a weekend with family

The funeral for my grandma brought together a group that will likely never gather together again.  Sadly, we're not the type for family reunions (I so wish we were!), so this weekend was possibly a last.  It was nice to get back together with aunts and uncles and dear cousins as well as my immediate family which hasn't been together since Christmas 05?  Christmas 06?  I've lost track.


I learned one very important thing:  never go on a road trip with my brother.  He is such a snarky travel companion (doya like that word?  it's my new favorite) and totally not the type to fill in conversation gaps with mindless chatter as I am prone to do.  He's obnoxious and annoying and well.I guess he's a perfect brother in that sense, right?  ;)  I guess he was justified since the car he and I were riding in broke down about 10 miles south of Hoover Dam in the middle of the desert.  But hey, we made it out alive, so who's complaining?


Yeah.  Nice.


This is my totally cute, totally single little brother.  Any takers, ladies?


The funeral consisted of my obnoxious-yet-beautiful-voiced brother and I singing a duet of "Oh My Father", which was Grandma's favorite song.  My aunt (in the flower print dress towards the right.with her eyes closed, oops) did the eulogy (and it was beautiful, Aunt Moe-can I get a typed out copy of it?) and my hilarious uncle (the lil' man next to my aunt holding the umbrella) gave a very beautiful talk that had the perfect mix of serious and important Plan of Salvation content as well as some great stories that lightened the mood.  My dad (on the left) gave a talk as well that he was so very nervous about, but did just fine, and then did the dedication on the grave. 


I loved hanging out with cousins I hadn't seen in years and meeting new 2nd cousins as well.  Meet Sadie.  I took this picture as I held her-not too bad for close up, eh?


It was a bit warm that day for a graveside service (105, right?) but we all survived the heat.  Notice my rosy glow.

Now for some other favorite shots from the weekend.sorry I didnt get pics of all of you.   Love you, family!













Christine said...

Ugh. I wrote this sweet comment and my computer hiccuped and lost it. =(
So here goes again. It's crazy how times of sadness can bring people together and create good memories. I'm glad you were all able to get together.

And wow, you make funeral wear look hot =)

OneHappyfamily said...

That is awesome you were all together again. You said you wish you were the reunion type of family. Make that something you take on and make it happen. Even if it is only every other year. Life is too short to have regrets! You look so "golden" BTW.

Christine said...

It's always sad when something like this is what brings people together, but at least you were together.

Margee' said...

Sorry to hear about your loss, hugs for you.
But always good to get the family together.

Deana :) said...

Amie, I suggested a reunion a couple of years ago, but some of the(hem, hem) older ones nixed the idea. I'm totally there with you if ya wanna try for one. Even if just a few of us show up, it'd be worth it to me! I didn't get to chat with you nearly enough. Having all my kids with me made it a bit hard to just sit and reminice (I'm sure I just spelled that wrong...) Love ya tons!

Delfina said...

It sad that it happens all the time, were only brought together when there is a passing. That the way a lot of our family is to.

Natalie said...

So sorry about your Grandma. It's hard when all your grandparents are gone, but at least you have some wonderful memories and legacies to build upon! How wonderful that you and your brother sang at her funeral! I would choke up and lose my ability to breathe even! Lots of great pictures!