Monday, August 4, 2008

the good news, the bad news, and the good news

Bad news:  yet more problems with our truck last week.  It's a serious money pit.  Alternator this time, and some wires connecting to the AC needed restringing/rewiring/reworking/re-paying for.

Good news:  I finished composing (literally composing on paper and on a music composition computer program) my version of "Bella's Lullaby."  (Yes, "Twilight" rules my life)  Only, don't ask me to play it for you because I am much too sensitive to share my own work.  It would hurt to much if it actually sucks so I don't plan on letting anyone critique it.  LOL.

Bad news:  My hubby's work schedule is changing.  Sigh.  After a wonderful summer of working 24 hr shifts on Monday and Wednesday, his entire company is changing some policies moving his new shift to, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, only 12 hr shifts from 11am to 11pm.  What kind of a shift is that??  This reeks havoc with not only our budget and the overtime we desperately rely on, but the fact that my kids will only see him on weekends due to the fact that he'll have to work that Tuesday for said overtime.  I am not pleased.

Good news:  My weigh in was this morning after 2 weeks of the very strict Atkins Induction Diet.  I am down 7 pounds!  Woot woot!  And to be honest, it wasn't very hard.  I'm going to stay on it for at least another week or two or until my weight loss plateaus.  Danny lost 5 pounds (like he needed it) and that's with cheating a few times.  So, yay for us!

Bad news:  after waiting a whole year for "Breaking Dawn" to come out and being so excited for Saturday August 2nd, I got an email from Amazon stating my copy had just been shipped on the 1st, meaning I'd get it on Tuesday the 5th.  Woe is me!

Good news:  my awesome friends bought me a copy at the midnight release party.  Because they are studmuffins.

Bad news:  because I am one seriously spoiled brat.  Thanks so much girls!  Love ya!

Good news:  I read all 754 pages in one day.  Whew.  Email me to discuss!  Tomorrow I will be posting my review which will contain many many spoilers.  Don't read it until you've finished your copy. 


Derby Queen said...

I'll make sure my mom doesn't read this! lol!! It was SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO GOOOOOODDD!!!!!!!!! AKKK!!!!


Toni said...

I'm Finished!!! WOW!!!!!

LIZZEE said...

Well that's cool your friends bought that for you..
Bites the change of hours. Hopefully enough complaints and things will change. who knows..
Good for the weight loss your always so strong for it.. Someday I'll get there

The Bluths said...

Good news: I'm finished. Bad news: I'm finished.

Favorite part of the whole book was the very last page. Loved it.