Monday, August 11, 2008

just another manic monday

Whoa, whoa...

Hey all! How was your weekend? We had a nice one, other than me being sick. The worst of it was on Saturday, but whatchagonna do?

I weighed in this morning for my third and final week of Atkins diet. I actually gained half a pound--who knows why? I did everything the same except I missed two days of work outs last week due to feeling cruddy. Today I start back on regular weight-watchers and I'm looking forward to it! Last night I dreamed about eating carbs, lol!

School starts today for the kiddos! I'm excited and nervous for them. We met their teachers last week and they all seem very nice. Yesterday for our Family Home Evening, Danny gave them Father's Blessings. So wonderful to have a man of God in our home who has the power of the Priesthood. Some have asked me if I'm eager to get the kids out of the house and back to school, and before last week, I would have said no. We had a great summer with lots of fun trips to the pool, a few short vacations, and just a nice time for togetherness. But then last week, they all started fighting like cats and dogs, so at this point I'm thinking, yeah, it's time. Let's get these kids back to school!

For you who have been asking, Dan and I are reading Breaking Dawn together (we have about 90 pages left) and I am liking it better the second time around, but all those issues I had complaints about are still there. I think I've only had one person tell me she loved it, out of all my acquaintances. Most of us were disappointed and felt that it all tied up way too neatly and tidily. OH well. Here's hoping the "Twilight" movie in December will make us all feel a bit better. =)

Friday night, Dan the Man and I went out on a date and saw the newest Batman movie, "The Dark Knight." I really liked it! I've always liked Batman, and now that he's played by Christian Bale, mmm...what's not to like? I personally don't think he got enough face time, lol! That man is pure eye candy. Anyway, the story is good, the joker played by Heath Ledger was AMAZING. Too bad his life ended so short, because he played that part so very well. The movie is very dark and violent and there were a few points I had to turn my head; thus, the kids will not be seeing this one for a few years, but the effects were great. The way they made up Two Face was just amazing. Very well done.

Saturday I got together with a bunch of my inlaws (mother, grandmother, two sisters, two aunts, and a cousin) for lunch at TGIF. The occasion was in preparation for my mother-in-law to leave for her LDS church mission to Toronto, Canada. It was fun to hang out with just the girls, even if I couldn't breathe, taste my food, or squeak out a voice.

This week will be a busy one with school starting, Pack Meeting for Sean and Cub Scouts, a primary activity this weekend and temple night the same night. This is Danny's last week of his regular schedule (sigh) and then things get interesting. What's going on with you?


Christine said...

Wow. You had a lot going on! Lol Danny and I did a little BD talking in the halls yesterday. My weekend was full of napping and eating, then some napping again.

Christine said...

Isn't there sugar in Nyquil? That's probably what messed up the Atkins. So glad to see you are feeling better. My weekend was Temple, napping, church, napping, laundry :)

Bro. Dude said...

Here's two reviews of The Dark Knight from an LDS-themed website that present an interesting contrast:



I tend to agree with the Knight interpretation.

Bro. Dude