Monday, September 1, 2008

fathers n' sons outing

Ok we've had children for what. . . over 9 years now.  Can you believe that this is the first time my husband has been able to participate in the Fathers and Sons outing with our church?  Every year they go on this fun overnight camping trip, but every year, my husband works such weird shifts and days that he's unable to go.  This year, he finally said to heck with it (sure, that phrase left his lips, sure) and he took a day off in order to take our boys camping with the ward. 

So glad he did.  He left grouchy and came home very happy and in a much better mood.  ('Tarded things have been happening at work lately and the poor guy got home at 2 am the night before, just to get up at 6 and do overtime Friday morning.)  Anyway, I'm glad they went and had fun.  Here are some of his prize winning pictures from the event.


The boys made their own little river.  By turning on the faucet and leaving it on for quite some time.  Can you imagine the Mothers ever letting this happen?  Certainly not.  But when it's all men, anything goes.



There's the water spigot in question.



Ethan, still relatively clean.  I didn't even think to take an 'after' picture.  They came back soooo filthy!  Which means they had fun, of course.



Starting out on the hike.



Looks like they found one of the 3 Little Pigs' homes.



Looks like a great spot.



At the dam.



Wee wee wee. . .all the way home.



Pigs?  Or really big beavers?



Now let's play a little game called, "give mom a heart attack as she looks through the pictures on the camera."  Ready?



Oh my.



Oh me, oh my.




Glad they had fun.  And glad I wasn't there to freak out over this pose.  And I'm glad I had a fun scrappy night with the girls whilst they were away.  Pictures of that to come.


Christine said...

LOL, too cute!!

cmecham2000 said...

Where did they go? It's so beautiful, I dream of living somewhere that I can look out my window and see all of that beauty. Yeah, I agee with the big GULP at the end. I think they have so much more fun when we aren't their to set boundaries. I love Father's and Sons!!

Delfina said...

Those are some great pictures. I would be scared of the last picture too.

Mom, wife, scrapaholic... said...

Great pictures and I would totally agree that I would have a heart attack too if my kids were up on the giant rock!!!