Thursday, October 23, 2008

the day that would not end


Yesterday was like the day that would not end!

It started bright and early with our run at 5:30--tougher today, because I'm sore from Monday's run, and my lungs just didn't take as well to it. It's OK though, I'm motivated to keep going. I may end up in traction over it, but hey, they have comfy beds at Del Webb.

Then, 3 daycare kids. Let me rephrase that, 2 wonderful perfect delightful daycare kids and one crier-who-shalt-not-ever-sleep. Ohmygosh my peoples, this marks week 7 of "Screamer" and I finally told the mom this week I just couldn't handle it. He wasn't getting used to us, he was too hard, he only wants to be held and never sleeps. He's only three days a week, but I tell you, by Thursday night, I'm looking for some Jack Daniels to calm my nerves. (at least that's what I hear it does.)

So, anyway, he cried and cried and refused to sleep and I got little to nothing done Bio-wise. I'm having a really hard time with this chapter on Mitosis vs. Meiosis--I'm finally getting the hang of it, but here we are 60% thru the week and I haven't even started on the lab or essay assignments yet. . . I'm still working on content and understanding it and getting thru this chapter. It's a toughie. And mid-terms are next week, so that's always in my periphery.

As it turns out, when his momma came to pick him up (I let him cry and cry as she walked up to our door, so she'd hear how he is all the livelong day) I told her so and she said she had an interview with another provider on Friday and could I still keep him on Thursday? I told her I'd keep him through next week in order for her to find a proper replacement sitter. So, today may be my last day with him. . . or I have one long last week with Screamer. We'll see. Being that next week is my mid-term, I'd really much rather not have a crying cling-on that week, but, whatchyagonnado?

So the three kiddos went home, my three kiddos came home, and from there, the homework hour. You moms know what I'm talking about. Every day, day in day out, every school year, there's that 45 minutes to an hour of homework, reading, studying, signing paperwork, etc etc needed to keep the chitlins on track. From there, immediately to Scouts for Sean. I came back and tried to put in some more Bio time, lost track of time and was the last person to pick up Sean from Scouts. From there, we raced back, stuck some corndogs in the microwave, called to make sure our sitter was comin' (thanks, Mr. DJ!) and took off with Sean again for student-led-parent-teacher conference. Are all the schools doing this? It was different; not just the one on one of parent with teacher (and child) but a room full of back-logged parents, and the students showing them around the classroom centers, discussing what they'd been studying thus far. Finally, glowing reports for Sean. It's been a bit of a struggle this year for him, pretty much just an immaturity issue for the most part, but it was nice to hear that his grades are good and his behavior is 100% better than it was 4 weeks ago.

Raced back home and was reminded that I still needed to drive to Danny's work tonight to get him his overnight bag (pillow, blankets, extra clothes) as he decided to work a 24 at someone's request. He kind of felt he needed to since he hadn't done any overtime due to the FLU that 60% of my family caught this week. I think we're all in the clear now as it's been almost 24 hours without either diarrhea or puke. Nice. Doesn't it seem early in the year to be getting the flu bug already?

So, we packed up the van again and drove mid-town to get Danny his stuff. Got back well after 8p (the kids' bedtime) and was reminded that they still had purple and black spray paint in their hair (it was crazy hair day for spirit week) so they definitely needed to take showers. Well, that's not a 2 minute deal, 'specially with 3 kids and 3 kids worth of clothes. As they were suds'in up, I threw a diet pizza in the microwave as it was now 8:30 and I still hadn't eaten dinner. 2 messages on the phone, laundry to get going, and oh yeah, never finished that Bio chapter test.

I. Was. Spent.

Days like that, I just want to veg in front of the TV and catch up on all the shows I've been taping and waiting to watch online cuz I just haven't had time (I know, poor Amie, can't get in all her TV time because of class!) but you know what I mean. . . I just want to do something brainless! Or I'd like to finish my book that I started a month ago and can only read for 5 minute increments at a time! But then as soon as I think of that, my Bio book pokes me on the shoulder with guilt and back I get to studying.

The day did finally end, thank goodness. But not before I'd dumped half a cup of cranberry juice all over the carpet in my bedroom. Ahh, good times.

Cuz I needed to recharge in order to do most of it all over again today. Except today, I'll be in Cameron's class half the day volunteering, and doing his student-led-parent-teacher conference, and oh yeah, about that Biology lab. . .


Torrie said...

So are you trying to say that you are like way busy or something? HA-HA.

tif-do said...

When the heck do you get up in the morning to have this posted before 5:00 am... or do you just stay up that late??? Anyhoo I totally understand your daycare dilema, I feel for ya!

LIZZEE said...

Wow. I was tired just reading it...
Good luck I hope that you can get some study time in.

Christine #2 said...

Wow...I can say that I do know how you feel. One day you will have a moment to veg out..right? *crosses fingers, eyes, toes*

leaner said...

You. Need. A. Break.
You should take a little Amie time, lock yourself in the bedroom and stare at the pages of a good book. I speak from experience.

Margee' said...

Amie, I know how you're feeling! Two grandkids are staying here right now and with my health problems, I'm totally spent!
Hang in there!
Also, I do know all about screaming day care kids!

Grace said...

So Amie....What is your Major that you are studying?

Grace said...

way to go....I will be fixing my error thanks for letting me know. Don't you have another degree? I thought about nursing back when I was going to school and the math just killed me. So I ended up with a health science degree minor in social work.

jinxi said...

I need a nap after this post. Keep on truckin' momma! :) I'll pray for some extra strength to help ya make it through these times!

Dahlene said...

Yikes! I hate days like that. I hope this week goes better without the "Screamer".