Friday, October 10, 2008

friday music

First of all, did anyone see "Smallville" last night??  Hot hot hot hot hot!  Gotta love me some good Tom Welling make-out scenes.  Sigh.  AND, did anyone see the lastest trailer for "Twilight"?  More make-out scenes!!  I'm getting my fill tonight.  Too bad hubby works til midnight.  ;)

So I took a bit of a sabbatical from my music videos because, well, it's hard to admit but, no one commented on either of my last two!  Lol!  Talk about embarassing!  It's not that I'm looking for praise or anything, but you know how you have a girlfriend who gets a hair cut and it's not very good--well, instead of lying and saying it looks great, you just don't mention anything about it?--I kinda felt that was what was going on with those last two songs. *snort*

I don't care.  You just can't stop the music bursting from my soul.

I have two I've been working on.  The second, which is not video worthy yet, is one of the songs coming off the Twilight Soundtrack next month.  It's a really great one and totally reminds me of Jacob, although it's meaning is kind of vague.  In fact, in both of these songs, there is some iffy lyrics that you just can't help but wonder "what does he mean by that?"

I have no answers.  I'm just feeling the music.  Feeling the love.  And feeling that double chin--what the heck?  Not the most flattering camera angle for me.

Alas, the one I did decide to post is Damien Rice's "9 Crimes."  I've been in love with this song since my brother shared it with me about a month ago.  The real version has an awesome man/woman harmony that frankly, I just can't duplicate.  But I did my best with it.  Again, not quite sure what it all means, except that it's a song about cheating and no, I have nothing in my personal life to base this on.

I'm just feeling the music.

Did I mention that already?


Anonymous said...


1, you already know I love the song
2, I got chills watching your version
3, aren't you supposed to be studying??!!


tif-do said...

I've never heard that song. It's very good... and you are terrific as always. Really... you never had a bad song.

Anonymous said...

Could you be anymore talented. I always love that you do this. You should share your talent from the rooftops. Have a GREAT weekend. Tammi

Linsey said...

I LOVE Damien Rice! He is hands down my all time favorite artist. All of his lyrics are incredible. I have seen him every time he is within 5 states of me, I think maybe 6 times. And is concerts are so intimate, he explains the lyrics of each of his songs. They are very thought out and delicate and his lyrics and everything about him is very, uh, passionate. Love him. Keep it up, Lady! Your great!

MATAALII said...

Wow...I never knew you could sing like that....You sound way good...seriously! Hey thank you for the comment about our was a beautiful day. We'll probably see you guys at Christmas.....Tell my brother and the boys I said hi :)

Lorie said...

Oh! I have never heard this song! Love it!

And you always do a great job!! I wish I could play!

Lorie said...

Oh! I have never heard this song! Love it!

And you always do a great job!! I wish I could play!