Thursday, November 27, 2008

it's not thanksgiving here, but it can still be a great day

Due to the fact that my husband works each and every holiday this year, we will not be celebrating our Thanksgiving until Saturday. Although that is seriously a bummer, I'm trying not to dwell and just make the best out of it. Actually, I think I might even be able to use it to my advantage. Most of the after-Thanksgiving sales will go on today and tomorrow, and if I was smart, I would have planned on that and not bought my turkey yet. I bought mine last week for $.49/lb; and this week, they are about ten cents cheaper, and I have coupons on certain brands. A 20lb turkey for around $5?! Wow! I might go get a second one!

Anyway, today while everyone is cooking and spending their evening meals together, I'm going to hit the stores and cash in on some specials at Michaels, CVS (you should see the goodies I got this morning, and all free!) and online shopping at stores that have already started their Black Friday deals.

We did have a great big brekky before Dan left for work and that was fun. Currently, the boys are watching the parade and are really into it for the first time. I might do some ebay shopping too. A friend of mine made out like a bandit on Election Day by shopping on ebay because nobody was using ebay that night. I think late this afternoon might be the same. We'll see. I have a couple of special items I'm looking for.

Have a great turkey day everybody. Be thankful. There is so much to be thankful for.


Nita said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Amie.
Maybe you will do some bargains on ebay, huh? Good luck. And have a great celebration on saturday.
Here in Sweden we dont have Thanksgiving so its just another ordinary Thursday evening, home alone, DH is out.

leaner said...

We are also celebrating with the family on Saturday.
Today we are headed to a friend's house for Thanksgiving, too. But without my family- its just not the same. Then again, without Will it will not be the same. :(

LIZZEE said...

Happy Thanksgiving..
HOw do you get the free at CVS I've read on someoneblog but they didn't say how... Please do share.?
Good luck with the Sales.. I'm going tonite to m"s..heheheheh

OneHappyfamily said...

I love your attitude. It's just another day unless you are with your loved ones. So your real Thanksgiving WILL BE on Saturday!

linda said...

Happy Thanksgiving Amie

cmecham2000 said...

I love getting the Turkeys CHEAP. I bought 4 last year and cooked 2 froze the meat and when that was all gone I cooked the other 2. We just barely ran out of meat from last year, GREAT TIMING I have 4 more turkeys.
Happy Thanksgiving Saturday and I am jealous you got those CVS deals I don't think I am even going to try.

Lorie said...

I hope you got some fun stuff on ebay! And it doesn't really matter when you celebrate it! As long as you get to do it with your family!

We celebrated on Wednesday with my inlaws and they LOVED having today off! They went to the movies!