Saturday, November 15, 2008

middle of november lament and my 12 of 12

  Is anyone with me that this fall is flying?  Seriously, October flew and here we are halfway through November.  Waaay too fast.  Between Biology, the room makeover, T-Ball, scouts, starting Coupon Sense, and regular ol' life, I can barely get a grip on it all!  So far only one or two minor breakdowns, but other than that, we're surviving.

Yesterday morning we had a yard sale, and though I only made $46, it was $46 in piddly little things that I would could easily have sent to Goodwill or tossed.  Instead, we now have a bit of babysitting money for the rest of the month.  And we'll need that because "Twilight" comes out in 6 days and I plan on seeing it at least once.  The first weekend.  If it's good, I'll be back a few times.  =)  What can I say, I'm a Fanpire!!

Last night was Fantastic Friday craft night at the church.  After being so excited about my projects and buying and making the the things needed before I even got to the craft night, I got there with all my chitlens in hand only to learn there was no nursery.  Why did I think there was childcare?  I fought back tears as we marched back out and went home.  Got home, got the kiddos interested in "The Incredible Hulk II", and left Sean in charge so I could at least go spend one hour making my crafts at the church.  All was well when I returned; I don't think their butts had moved an inch while their eyes were glued to the TV.  Guess I'll have to watch that one, everyone says it was so much better than the first (which frankly, I got bored with about 25 minutes in and never finished.)  I got home and finished all four of my projects and deem the night a success.

We're in our fourth week of the Couch to 5K program and again yesterday, I ran 5 minutes straight, twice <-----each of those adds up to about half a mile!  Whoa!  Go, me!!  Let me state for the record again that even at my fittest point as a 14-15 year old high schooler, the most I was ever able to run without stopping is half a mile, so I've already tied that.  Next week we'll move on to an even harder regimen.

Today, T-ball for Cam, donating blood, the primary program practice and pizza party, and I think that's it.  We cancelled other plans we had for the evening because our weekends are always way too hectic.  I just want to sit around at watch TV.  Is that horrid?  I'm 3 weeks behind on Grey's Anatomy and House, which frankly, I'm considering quitting anyway because of the direction of some of the plots lately.  Disappointing. 

All right, onto my 12s for November.  (and no Torrie, I never did do my scrapbook layout for October.  I guess I know what I'll be doing at Courtney's crop next Saturday!)


My very first Coupon Sense buy.



My zucchini plants during this fourth week of growth.


DSCF6827 What I'm studying this week in Bio.



My sweet little daycare girl's snuggly bear.  Isn't it so cute that CareBears are still popular/popular again?



Cam's letter to his grandma.  He wrote it, put it in an envelope, and asked me for help with the address.  I mailed it.  I have no clue what is inside.  Once, he tried mailing a poptart.  Fortunately, the envelope felt a little funny so I opened up the envelope to find the parishable food and took it out before the damage was done.  That kid cracks me up.



They've taken to running through the park sprinklers on the way home.



Ethan brought home this bat on-a-stick from preschool.



What's left of the Halloween candy.  The yucky stuff that no one wants to eat.



I think I may be a little behind on laundry.



I am so not a bath person.  In fact, I think I've only taken a bath one other time this year and that was when "Breaking Dawn" came out in August and I wanted some time alone to finish the book.  Every now and then it just sounds good and on the 12th, I just couldn't get warm all day.  By 9:30 at night, a bath was the perfect fix.  Oh, and I have the goofiest toes in existence.  Ballet as a child stunted their growth.  Ok, the walking on my toes until I was 9 and long-out of ballet stunted their growth, but it all started in ballet.



Quick picture of my blog and my visitor map and counter.  Not too bad for 2 + years of bliggity bloggin'.  (I love my visitors!!)



The required self-portrait. 


Karen said...

hi- I fell off the blogging wagon for awhile but I am making a come back! I check in on you blog every so often.... We have been busier than normal here bacause Kip was Made bishop of our ward just about three weeks ago. We are still getting our footing and balencing the load. Hope that you are well. Please tell Danny hello- Karen

Anonymous said...

So, according to House, the middle toe being longer than the 4th toe is genetic and inherited from a parent..........

As for Twilight, we will try to go that first weekend, but most likely it will be Monday before we can swing it since the nearest movie theater is now 25 minutes away. Sigh..........


cmecham2000 said...

I was wondering how you were faring with your 12 of 12. Looks like another busy month! I know you are just going to look back and love this. I can't wait to start.

Lorie said...

I love that he tried to mail his grandma a pop tart! What a cute kid!

Casey Lu said...

My kids also took to running through the sprinklers on their way home last year. Craziness, I tell ya! That is the kind of Halloween candy this prego lady likes, all sugar, no chocolate! LOL. We still have a few tootsie rolls, dumb dumbs, and a few candy bars left. But, those will probably be gone this week!

Margee' said...

Amie, I love reading your blog, puts a smile on my face!

The Bluths said...

Ok my only comment for this post is that your leftover candy is my favorite stuff. I love strawberry laffy taffy! You guys are crazy.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

I know it must be hard or semi-hard getting these 12 in.. but I love it.. and Im envious! Keep up the good work pretty girl!

Torrie said...

Man I live to see your completed 12of 12. Pop tart in the mail-sweet. My girls will gladdy take the pixy sticks, El calls them "shugga".