Sunday, November 23, 2008

what i learned in bio last week

We all think of bacteria as this icky disgusting germ-infused stuff that we need to rid ourselves of. Maybe the following from this website will change your mind.

Bacteria help our bodies with digestion and produce needed vitamins. Bacteria also help us by destroying harmful organisms within our bodies.

There are more bacterial cells in your body than there are human cells.

Bacteria are used to make cheese, milk, sourdough bread and yogurt.

99% of all bacteria are helpful.

Dead or weakened bacteria and viruses are used for making helpful vaccines.

Scientists estimate that bacteria produce nearly half the oxygen found in the atmosphere.

Helpful bacteria are used to purify water at sewage treatment plants and to break down oil after oil spills.

One healthy bacterium, given the proper environment, could reproduce into a colony of more than 2 million in just seven hours.

There are more microbes on your body than there are humans on the entire planet.

An area of skin as small as 6.5 square cm (1 square inch) may be home to more than half a million microbes.

Mmmm, bacteria. It's a beautiful thing. Cheese, anyone?

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Lorie said...

Bacteria is my friend!!