Thursday, December 11, 2008

random thoughts from a random mind

These thoughts don't belong anywhere. They are short and semi-pointless but important to me that I remember them. So I'm just gonna clump them here for posterity sake. Can you bear with my need to document nearly every waking minute of my existence? I won't mind if you can't, and just ask that you come back tomorrow when I promise to have something new and more interesting. And shiny.

I like shiny.

I like when Johnny Depp says "shiny." He does that. On that note, did you know a Pirates 4 is being made? Yay!

On that note, it's been announced that New Moon and Eclipse will be filmed at the same time over the next year. Also announced this weekend, Catherine Hardwick will not be the director. Like most Twilight fans, I'm sad for her, and hopeful that the new director will keep true to the books and be a true fan as Catherine was. I know there were a lot of mixed reviews about Twilight, but I loved it. We took Sean to see it on Saturday. Someone asked me if I loved it more the second time. The answer is no, but I think that's only because I think nothing can compare with the first time, with all my giddy squealing and excitement and swooning. Still very good, but no, I didn't have that same reaction. I did like Robert Pattinson a lot better the second time around, incidentally. Did you see I uploaded the playlist and now the musical score from the movie as well? Makes me feel like I'm right there in the theatre again. Sigh.

Back to my short thoughts.

Danny finished his Psychology class yesterday with a B. Yay for him! He's very glad to be done. He'll take English next semester. I have 3 more weeks of Biology, and then I'll take Anatomy & Physiology next semester.

I just started Week 8 of my running program and ran 28 minutes straight. It was fine, a little windy and cool this morning at 5:45, but I did it. I'm rather slow though...I'm no where near to the 5K they promised me by next week. What really bums me out is that I'm not losing any weight from it. You'd think that running for crying outloud would do something for my physique. Nope, the only effective thing for me is diet. Sigh. Dieting is so boring.

I'm about 2/3 done with my Christmas shopping/making/wrapping.

I'm working on some new music for a future Music Monday on my blog. Stay tuned. =)

My garden is still green and growing, but I got no veg this year. Not sure if I planted too late? (Oct 1st) or had expired seeds? (some leftovers from the year before) I'll try again earlier in the spring with new seeds.

I'm applying again to the Nook's design team in hopes that it will encourage me to scrapbook more and try new things. I've gotten into a run scrappy-wise and stopped loving it for a while. I need to be challenged and get excited about the craft again. I'm not anywhere near creative enough for the design team, but I'm going to give it a shot nonetheless.

I made some tomato soup in the microwave and it's been beeping at me for the last 18 minutes. Guess I should go get that. Have a happy Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Does your microwave do that annoying "pay attention to me" beep when you don't open it right away? I'm like, stop bossing me around bosser, I'll get to you in a minute!


LIZZEE said...

That's great your trying for the team Amie.. I know I need to getmy but scrappy to... Goood luck I'll be rooting for ya girl.

Sher said...

lol. randomness is always fun. thanks so much for the sweet comment! xo

The Domestic Queen said...

I was going to ask if you saw the movie again and if you liked it better. So glad I checked out your blog first. Anyway, I saw it again and I liked it MUCH better the second time. Maybe because I went into knowing that I was being a HARSH critic the first time. I even liked the spider monkey line the second time or maybe it was just the look on EDWARDS (I like to call him by his SCREEN name) face when he said it. SO CUTE!! Loved your random post.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Listen.. Ive all but quit going to Nook, because of them failing to see your scrappin' abilities way back when.. gosh I was crushed.. I wish you the best of luck. You are a wonderful scrapper/crafter/artist!
And yay to your hubster and the B! And to you for running for 28 minutes.. WHOA!!!