Monday, December 29, 2008

things i've stopped caring about since starting back at school

I'm disgusting. . . and here's the proof.

Since starting back to school in September, and since averaging about 20+ hours a week on this one stinking class, there are several things I've just stopped caring about.

One, is this person:


Not that I cared much about her to start off with, but still, Paris and her plethora of "deep problems" rate rather low on my I'm-gonna-take-time-out-of-my-day-to-care list.

Another is dusting.

Ostrich feather duster

I know I should care and I should dust due to to the fact that I have asthma & allergies, but I came to a conclusion that weekly dusting is worthless. It's Arizona. It's a dry dusty place. I could dust Monday and the dust would be back by Tuesday.

So I quit.

Don't hate.

I still dust, but really only if people are coming over and even then, only places these people might notice.

And I'm OK with that. there's just better ways of using my time.

Another thing I stopped caring about: the state of my stove top.

Now, I'm not necessarily proud of this, but facts is facts. My burners are disgusting. And I just don't care. Other than laziness and lack of time, I have no excuse. I just don't care that the burner covers are charred black with the remains of several spilled over meals. It also does not bother me that hiding under my burner cover is a disgusting circle of grime and grease. It just doesn't rate on my care list.

Now I'm not a slob in the kitchen or in my house in general. I'm actually very particular about a lot of things, specifically, placement of things. I like neat and tidy. I like things in their place. (And the place for grime and grease in this case is under my stove top burners.)

Subconsciously, I think I do it to protest the fact that we do not own a nice flat-top oven.


Ooh, coveting, I am.

Perhaps if I can prove I can't take care of a regular burner stove top, the oven fairy will bequeath me a nice flat top.

I can dream.

But, I can understand how we all have our priorities. I am actually really good at keeping my microwave oven clean and spotless. I have a relative however, who's nuker is always filthy. Every time I see the inside of her microwave, I'm like "Eek! dirty!" But I'm sure every time she sees my stove, she's shocked by it.

Cuz she has a flat-top.

Ok, enough of that. My mom found some new burner covers at a yard sale and thought of me (bless her pea pickin' heart) so I have 2 new covers to grace my stove with.

I was about to clean my stove this morning when I noticed my feet. Don't know if that's ADD talking or my inane desire to put off all things work-related, but I decided to spend a few minutes working on poses for ya.


Yes, I'm wearing socks and shoes with capris. I know it's not stylish, but it's the middle of the day in the winter. I don't have a job. The daycare kids don't judge. You shouldn't either.


Just kickin' it. Chillin'.


A la ballet class circa 1979. And why my middle toes are shorter than all the others.


There are no words for this one.


This is how my Dad used to always stand. I always remembered that. Don't know why he did.


I'm just a shy lil' thang.


OK. Back to work.


Oh dear.


Oh dear. Oh dear.


Don't judge me, ok?




Top right isn't so bad, but who ever uses that one?

So, I wet the surface and poured Comet on it and scrubbed and worked for a total of about . . . are you ready for this?. . . about 2 minutes. Maybe 3.


Whoa. Now that wasn't so bad after all.


WHOA! Why can't I keep it this clean always?


Just like new. =)


Dittos on the right.




Problem is, I only have 2 new burners covers and I won't be shopping until next year (2009 is right around the corner. . . can you believe it?) so the matching burner covers will have to wait.


That's me, jumping for joy. Thanks for joining me on this journey to prove that I can (and do) blog about anything.

PS: 18 minutes later as I was cooking macaroni and cheese, the hot water and macaroni accidentally boiled over and dirtied up my brand new burner. We just can't have nice things!

PPS: since setting up this blog post last week, my sweet mother bought me two new burner covers and brought them with her when they visited for Christmas. They don't fit. =(


Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Just cover your covers with tin foil! Then the mess just gets on them instead of crusted onto your covers! Then, whenever they get crusty, you just peel off the layer of crusty tin foil and put on a new layer and wallah, shiney new looking covers. Learn from me, I hate cleaning a stove. Now refridgerators on the other hand..........


The Bluths said...

Dusting? What's that, I can't even remember the last time I did that. Don't judge.

Casey Lu said...

LOL, I am very paticular about everything in my house except the burners too. I always forget those! I am such a neat freak it drives my family nuts but the dusting....I totally hear ya, I only dust when someone is coming over because it is usually right back there by the next day no matter what you use or do!

Margee' said...

I know exactly how you feel, every time I clean my stove I boil over the potatoes for mashed potatoes, it never fails!

Christine #2 said...

I have a flat top. But don't worry, you still have to clean it and be extra careful. I swear I burn food more often on this thing...oh wait, maybe I just stink at cooking.

Hurry back, my mornings aren't the same without you!!!!

Stephanie said...

I love your sense of humor! I could care less about the burner covers, too...when they get bad enough hubby will clean or change them....he just can't stand it! And well...that benefits me, doesn't it?!

Great post! :)

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Keep it real! Love it!

April said...

I have had regular stoves and now have a flat top stove. I would go back to regular in a heartbeat. I cannot stand my flat-top stove. I want a gas range. Any offers to trade?

Torrie said...

Love the post. Your feet reflections were a great touch. You make me laugh.

Dahlene said...

May the stove fairy bring you a new flat top this year!

OneHappyfamily said...

I think you would hate a flat top. Most people would trade back if they could....