Friday, January 9, 2009

cuz james deserves something good out of all this

Since James really got the shaft in my post yesterday, his wife and I decided to make it up to him by helping to promote his business.  James and crew are landscapers here in AZ.  I know people who use his services and have heard that he is fantastic at what he does. 

According to his flyers, his crew can handle:


*Tree Trimming

*Tree Removal

*Sprinkler Repair

*Timer Setting


. . . and can do so weekly or bi-monthly.  He is very professional and courteous (and as I already mentioned, a teddy bear, but don't mention that to his face).  He's even done a few jobs for free for my friends out of the goodness of his heart.  He's just a nice guy that way.  See?  So undeserving of the rude saleman's comments the other day.

To get your yard fixed up all nice and perty, give James Cavazos a call at 623-204-4363.

DSCF6113 DSCF6161DSCF6119

See?  Now he's not so scary, is he?

Tough to get the guy to smile for a picture though.  I kinda wished he'd shown up in the middle of the vacuum demonstration, and maybe he could have helped me chase the guy out!


Christine said...

I can speak on behalf of my mom who uses James that he is the best landscaper in the valley! Hands down the most professional and through and you will not believe just how great your yard can look. All things she has said about James in the past month in my presence. Call him now!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, nothing to report really. Except to get a paint sample of my really blue wall for Home Depot to match, I had to carve out a half dollar size chunk out of my wall. Yeah, that was really fun, but I finally got a can of paint to touch up that wall and now I really need it to cover that hole I had to gouge!

Christine #2 said...

He has really pretty eyes too, when he opens them for the camera :)

Thanks Amie!!

OneHappyfamily said...

Love that beard!

Lorie said...

He looks like a big teddy bear! He actually reminds me of Toni's dad!!

SuzanneRenee said...

awwwwww this was a very nice way to help your friend out. :) he does look like a big teddy bear!!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

James looks like a pretty cool dude.. Id say hottie, but I dont want his wife beatin' me up and him to be embarrassed. hehee.
I think lil ol' salesman wouldnt have opened his trap quite as much if James had been there ... now would he?? hahaa

jawbreak said...

so sweet kid..
fully happiness...
nice site n picture..