Friday, January 2, 2009

family photo shoot, caroling, and goodnight sweetheart

Being that this was the first time for all of us to be together since March 2006, Sharon set up a professional photo shoot for us all.  And being that of the 6 women in attendance, 5 of them are bloggers/amateur photographers (Sharon, Kenia, Betsy, Amy, and myself), this was the most documented Christmas vacation ever.  At any point, someone had a camera out.  And for most events, there were multiple cameras out, including Sean's!  So not only did the photographer take hundreds of shots of each family, the kids, the couples, and all the family together, but we each took our own shots as well.

The photo shoot was done at this most remarkable place perfectly ideal for parties and pictures.  It was an old farmland, basically, complete with barn, pond, bridge, tractors, saloon, bank, wagon wheels, large swing, outhouse, windmill, and more.  Literally dozens of awesome spots for pictures.  Here are some of my favorites from mine and Sean's cameras:

Christmas 08 144



That makes 2 family pictures in a row where I'm the only one wearing capri pants.  I wish I'd noticed this sooner.  Ugh.




I just kept thinking over and over again how Christine would have loved this place.


Ye olde outhouse.










Dan's brother's family:  Brian, Betsy, McKay, and JJ.



I really like this one.


This one's for you, Betsy.


Some cutie patootie cousins.


Love this shot.  Though there was drama going on at the time that ended up in tears.  You know how it's not a photo shoot until someone (this time, Mom) cries.

From there, we went to a friend of the family's room in a rehab center and sang some Christmas carols.  He had just been through a horrible stroke and was really suffering.  My immediate family didn't know him, but everyone else in attendance did.

After a pizza lunch, we went home and got ready for our second performance of the day at an old folks' home.  We did this a couple of years ago at Christmas time and I always remember it fondly.  We did a dozen songs (I played piano) and as far as I understand, those in attendance really enjoyed it.




And then, VIH (Voices In Harmony) performed.  Oh dear, these boys.  It was quite funny.  But I think they need to change their name to VCOOT (Voices Completely Out of Tune).  Enjoy.

Then, back home for the big dinner prep.  Sharon's brother Stanley had deep-pit cooked a turkey in the ground.

Ladies and gentlemen, next Thanksgiving, I am digging a pit in my backyard.  Because this was hands down the best turkey I have ever eaten.  Period.  The end.  Amen.  It was so juicy and delicious. . . yum, I'm hungry just thinking of it.  I gave Stanley a huge hug the next day, and I barely know the man.  ;)





And my Sister-in-law, Betsy made the best yams I've ever tasted.  And I don't like yams.  But I got seconds.  So that's saying a lot.



I have a few more days of these updates.  I know most of you don't know any of these people, but this is for posterity sake, so I must document to my heart's content.  =)

Goodnight, sweetheart. 


Anonymous said...

Goodnight sweetheart, hmmmmmmmmmmmm, yeah. Stick to your day jobs boys! BTW I didn't notice you were wearing capri pants until you pointed it out.


LIZZEE said...

Great photo's and place to take them.

Christine #2 said...

Yowza!! They were a quite interesting group to say the least. I think you looked pretty don't worry about the pants. The photos were really cool.

AzKisses73 said...

I love the photos. Where is that place?

Modern Princess said...

Wonderful photos! And your right, it looks like such a nice location.

I love the idea of having a professional photo shoot at a reunion. I wonder if I can convince my husband's family to do something like that?

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Aimee... You are a beautiful person inside and out. The family photos are just awesome. You inspire me to be a better family member and Mom. Thank you.. and now I'll go shed some tears! ;)

jinxi~ aka angi said...

I forgot to add.. a more loving wife.. I love looking at you and your husband and how in love you both look with each other. :)

Jenna said...

Looks like a fun time!!

Margee' said...

What a great place to take photos, they were great! Wish we had a place like that near here!

Lorie said...

That is the coolest place for family photos! I love it!

And I actually thought you were in a skirt, not capris, so don't sweat it! You look great!

Sher said...

Looks like a lovely holiday! you look pretty too by the way! :)

Sher said...

Looks like a lovely holiday! you look pretty too by the way! :)

Anonymous said...

Do those guys sing professionally? Can you give me their number so I can call them for a copy of their CD? The one with the TAPOUT shirt is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!

OneHappyfamily said...

My girl was in here while the video was on and she said "who is that... Dang they are good!"