Friday, January 16, 2009


Angi nominated me for this sweet Kreativ Blogger award on her blog. I'm touched! And that says a lot, because for the most part I am very shy and withdrawn (it's true!) and not crazy about physical contact. I always wish I could be more of a hugger, you know, with friends, in-laws, whatever. I'll cuddle with my family every chance I get, but I'm not one to just go paw my way around my friends. But Angi touched me and it was ok! ;)

My job is to nominate 5 other creative bloggers I know. This is a tough one, because I am surrounded by people in all veins of varying creativeness. But after much consideration and thought (seriously, at least 18 seconds) I nominate the following:

The award for photography blog goes to...Heather. She has always had amazing photos on her personal blog, but just recently set up a professional website strictly dedicated to photography. Check it out, it's pretty amazing.

The award for scrapbooking and altering blog goes to...Angelina. Usually, she keeps her website locked, but if you get a chance to catch a glimpse, you'll agree that she's amazing. She redid her entire scrap room top to bottom made from things found at yard sales, consignment shops, freecycle, and handmedowns. I think she did the entire thing for something like $7.42. She's inspiring.

The award for drama mama blog goes to...Christy. She doesn't update her blog nearly enough (cough cough, hint hint), but when she does, it's pretty darn good. You can always depend on her for a great soliloquy.

The award for best cooking blog goes to...Stephanie, AKA the CrockPot Lady. Steph and I have become friends over the year. I will definitely miss her daily crockpot recipes per her 365 challenge, but she's promised us that 2009 has great things to come, including a book. =)

And lastly, the award for best eye candy blog goes to...Lorie, who has a modge podge of a site full of I-want-to-make-this-some-day and look-how-cool-this-is and how-to-do-such-and-such, mostly crafty and holiday stuff. She updates approximately 4 dozen times a day. No joke.

Knowing these gals like I do, only 1 or 2 are likely to continue on the nominations for other Kreativ bloggers--though I hope they do! I think they rock, so if nothing else, check out their sites to revel in their talents.


Crockpot Lady said...

Thank you, Amie! You totally rock.

Christy said...

You are too kind! It is an honor to receive recognition from a "Master Blogger" like yourself!

I am touched.....honest to blog.

LIZZEE said...

You deserve the award... You have a great blog

Harmony said...

Hope you win it.

Anonymous said...

Amie I love your blog. I almost check it daily. You deserve an award. Tammi A

Lorie said...

Congrats and Thank you!! I need to work on this tomorrow!!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

And to think I touched you in a way most unlike what my parents used to say/do... "I'll reach out and touch you alright" theyd say as I ran from them hahaaa... you know my Mom was armed with flip flops and could wizz those things right by your head at the speed of light.. and Dad.. well if he said he was going to kick your butt.. you could bet he meant it literally! Who knew an advertisement for a telephone could take on so many meanings? hahaa

For real though.. it's a well deserved award and I too enjoy some of your picks.. will have to check the others out.

Rock on Rockerfella! ;)

cube said...

I'm guessing that this isn't a spelling award... ;-)

Just kidding. Congrats.

Kade, Amber & Brekkyn said...

I'm totally going to come and hug you now... =)

Betsy said...

amie thanks for the birthday card for mckay. he loves the fact that he got something in the mail. quick question how do you add that feature on the left side of your blog that shows who has posted something new and how long ago? That is pretty cool and I'd love to put it on my blog as well.

Angelina said...

Thank you Amie. That is such an honor. I will work on the nominations this week and post them on my blog. I love reading your blog. You always have such fun posts and I love looking at your family photos and work. BTW, I love your family pic used here. Thx for the card. :)