Wednesday, January 21, 2009

toni, christine, and christine!!


It was a joint birthday party for my three best gal pals.  We dined last Saturday evening at the Buca de Beppo--fine italian eating in the Arrowhead area.  It was my first time there (actually, for most of us this was the case) so I wasn't prepared for the awesome ambience of this restaurant.  It is two stories, first of all, and as the hostess brings you in, she takes you through the kitchen and introduces you to staff and chefs and shows you where certain things are made.  Nice start.

Next, I was not prepared for the style of ordering--family style, that is.  You order a small serving (for 2-4 people) or a large serving (for 4-6 people) assuming that you'll share with others at your table.  Very cool.

Lastly, I was not prepared for all the nudity.  ;)  All over the walls, that is.  Some decco grecian style artwork, reminiscent of The David and such, but others, just flagrant nekkedness being flaunted here and there whilst we dined.  Even the bathroom was full of it.  Slightly inappropriate too.  We'd be in the middle of a conversation and all of a sudden have to stop to point out the strange buttcheeks suddenly visible over someone's shoulder.  (I told Danny this was not the place to show off his new tattoo, but he's just so darn excited about Yosemite Sam...)

Anyway, the food was great, the atmosphere was fun, and the friendship grand as always.  Afterwards we came back to our house for some ice cream treats.  (Thanks James!)


I do not have herpes, I just have a bad habit of biting on my lower lip.



There's my favorite little gal.



Baby Caden was perfect during the entire restaurant visit!  He had about 20 fussy minutes at my house, but otherwise, he was perfect this evening.


For some reason, my video came out really blurry (maybe the low lighting?), but I'm thinkin' the girls will be just fine with that.



01-17-09 Buco de Beppo

I managed to get just about everybody stuffing face with cake.



Birthday girl #1:  Toni, AKA Dude.  =)



Birthday girl #2:  Chris, AKA #2



Birthday girl #3:  Christine, AKA CC.  Sorry not a great picture of you two--you were out changing a diaper when I was taking the other two posed shots.



And us.  =)



And no, I don't need another one of my own.


Kendra said...

So cute Amie! I totally know what you mean about the nudity! We went there with Jacob in tow, and I had to keep diverting his attention away from the artwork on the walls by having him create his own on the table. Not a great place to take kids.

That cake looks so yummy! Happy Birthday ladies!

Lorie said...

Very fun! I have heard similar comments about the nudity...the only time we went we had our kids and they sat us in a room that was very Catholic. No nude art. Just crosses and Virgin Marys. Maybe they have a room where they sit kids! ;D

Dahlene said...

I've heard that is a great place to eat. There is one in Downtown Salt Lake. It makes me wonder if the walls would be covered with porn since it's in Utah. I'll have to check it out.

icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

what a great post. I love seeing people with their friends.

Also, I LOVE family style restaurants. We have one that we go to called "the midtown continental." It's food from all over the place, family style, and they bring the food out in no particular order... as it is ready. So, if you order dessert with your dinner, you may just get it first.

We always get a bunch of small things.

Our kids like it too because there's virtually no wait for the food to come out.

tangra chinatown said...


jinxi~ aka angi said...

Looks like an awesome time with good friends and good food! Great photos I think! :)

STL Mommy said...

You look like you had an awesome time! Yes STL is for St. Louis! Thanks for stopping by! :)

LIZZEE said...

Looks like a good time had by all.

Anonymous said...

It all looks so great. It is funny you played in the sprinklers Monday, because it was warm and my kids asked if we could go swimming.. Janice, I miss that girl. Have a GREAT one, Tammi

Christine #2 said...

It was a fab time, better because we got to spend it with you! Thanks Amie!!

Casey Lu said...

One of Ehren and I's favorite places to eat other than OG. Haven't been there in over a year, definitely over due and now that you posted about it, sounds so good right now but definitely would be heartburn city! Glad all of you had tons of fun and that everyone had a great B-Day dinner! Happy Birthday to them!!! :)

heather said...

great post. Happy birthday gals, and I love that restaurant. We ate at the table in the kitchen last time we went. so fun.