Tuesday, February 10, 2009

children's museum of phoenix

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The first Friday of every month, the Children's Museum of Phoenix is fuh-ree!  So we packed up our chitlens and made our way downtown.  I've never been to this place-have any of you?  It was really fun!  Here are some of our favorite parts of the museum-which was really more of a hands-on play place than any museum I've ever been to.

DSCF8483 For some reason, Cameron decided this was the place to wear his fireman hat.  At first, I was against the idea.  Now I wish I'd had them all wear bright red hats.  Made it really easy to find him among the hundreds of kids and parents.




These tubes both suck and blow.  (I love saying that.)  The kids could turn off or on certain valves changing the direction of the scarf and where it came out.


 DSCF8503 There were a couple of giant tube type things for the little ones to crawl through.  Problem was.there was no goin' in after him and it was nigh impossible to get him out once we wanted to move on.  I think it took both me and another parent about 8 minutes of going from end to end yelling to our kids that it was time to go and for Pete's sake to come on out.


DSCF8508 This wall of CDs was visible from outside and ultra cool.  I'm thinking about adorning my kids windows this way.  Anyone have any CDs to spare?



Sean surprised us all by entering the hoola hoop contest on the dance floor.  They had a DJ there doing games and songs for both adults and kids-probably my favorite spot of the whole place.  You know how I like to boo-gie.  Anyway, Sean and a little girl tied as winners of the hoola hoop challenge.  Neither of them ever lost so they gave prizes to both of them.



I wondered where my 6 year old learned the song "Momma said Knock you Out" when he was singing it yesterday.  Tonight as the boys were watching this movie again, it came on.  Now I know.



Very loud, but pretty cool.



A whole race course of sorts with little bikes and 3-wheelers.



When Cameron discovered the art room, he was at home.  he got right to work making a fish valentine for his teacher.  (Notice for his teacher.not his momma.  I'm no longer the first love of his life.sigh)



Ethan of course went right to the dirty stuff.  When he whipped that paintbrush around and painted a nearby child's shirt purple, I internally cringed and looked the other way.




The supermarket was the cutest thing.  Little bitty carts and empty food boxes.  Cam took to it like nobody's business.  The little cash register with moving conveyor belt was darling!  I wanted one for my house!



The pizzas made of ribbons and felt and scraps were too cute too!  And the oven had a fake flame in the bottom.  The kitchen was complete with sinks and utensils and diner style seating.  Adorable!  (Psst, Ethan, I'll take mine without mushrooms please!)



Another loud one my child spent way too long at.




Is he such a poser or what?  I totally didn't tell him to stand like this.  People around us were getting a good chuckle out of it.



Isn't that CD wall huge?  And made of awesome?!  It's three stories tall!


So have you ever gone? 

What fun places do you like to take your kids?


wittygal said...

Wow that looks like SO much fun!! Were there SO many people that it would be worth it to pay on a day that wasn't as busy? Thanks for the post, we will have to check it out.

leaner said...

I did go, once. But the price was ridiculous. It was also after it had only been open a few weeks. (ALso- this building used to be MEPS. So if you tried to join the Army back in the mid to late 90s you went in there and had to duck walk in your underpants. Fun huh? Good memories.)

Jennifer said...

I'm totally taking my boy to this next month! I didn't know it was free for First Friday.

He's only 2 though...is that still too little for this place? He likes playing w/other kids! lol

marisa said...

We're in California and they have a Children's museum exactly like that one! We ALL loved it! The grocery store was the cutest thing! Conveyor belt and all! I told them to get used to that because with 7 in the house they need to learn how! lol! Looks like you guys had fun!

Jerry said...

Wow that looks like fun...can I go next time?

Dahlene said...

Fun! We have a Children's Museum up here in Odgen. The kids loved it. It was very hands-on. We also have the Clark Planatarium in down town Salt Lake. It is more about our solar system and planets, but the kids have a lot of fun hands-on things to do. Great times!!

icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...


That looks like a great time.

In Philadelphia we buy a yearly pass to the Please Touch Museum. It looks similar, but it's in this really old, historical building that was built for the World parade. It's AMAZING and my kids have the best time there.

Kendra said...

Wow Amie! Thatlooks like so much fun! We'll definitly have to go soon! Thanks for all the pictures and discriptions.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Wow!!! When I come to visit.. Mom or Dad.. or you.. I want to take the boys! That is sooo awesome cool!

Christy said...

What a fun place! And it has the added bonus of my little ones making messes far from my house.

Jenna said...

I've taken Cyrena to something similar in Utah and had no idea they had one here! We will definitely be checking it out!

SuzanneRenee said...

oh my gosh your boys are adorable! Thanks for sharing the videos, stories and of course the fun! I think the museum is equally for children and grown ups alike, though.... :) It reminds me of the Boston Museum of science. SO FUN!!!

I love the quote at the end.... about the ice-cream....haha.

Lorie said...

We went when it first opened. Not everything was done yet. I LOVED the kitchen/super market and the ice cream stand outside!! That is where we spent a lot of our time.

Was is crazy crowded because it was free?

I think I am going to go next month and make all of my kids wear firehats!!