Friday, February 20, 2009

photo tag

I've had an exhausting week full of the usual (a really hard chapter, lab, quiz, and essay for school, the usual craziness with the kids, crossfit 3x this week, plans for the yard sale, and dieting--always dieting) so I find my blog posts to be a wee bit on the dude-that-was-lame side.

I apologize.

However Shawnette helped me out a great deal when she tagged me yesterday. She helped me so that I do not need to be creative this Friday morning. She helped me by bringing a smile to my face by commenting on my blog that she'd tagged me. And she helped me because looking at her blog always makes me smile. I'm pretty sure she designs her own bliggity-blog backgrounds. Go check it out; she's a babe.

Here are the directions:
Open up the 6th picture folder on your computer.
Post the 6th picture in the folder and tell the story of it.
Then tag 6 of your friends.

Easey peasey lemon squeezey.

I had just uploaded all of 2008's folders of pictures onto CDs and deleted them from my computer, so I didn't have a photo from away back to pick from. This is from January 10th when we went to see the zoo lights the first time. The place was really crowded that night and I think a Cardinals game was going on. We hadn't dressed the kids quite warm enough and after two steps Ethan told us he was a) tired of walking, b) cold, and c) hungry. I got nothing for ya kid, get to steppin'!

It was really fun. =)

I tag 6 gals from my blog list who's names all end in 'ie' like mine: Lorie, Natalie, Stephanie L., Stephanie D., Susie, and Torrie. For some of you, it's been way too long since you've updated, (*cough cough, cousin Suze, that means you, babe!*) But as always, you're all welcome to participate! Don't let the 6-person rule stop ya!


tif-do said...

6..6..6 hmm!

tif-do said...

I never have to be tagged to participate, got mine done.

Carrie said...

How pretty!

The Toledo Zoo does Christmas lights every year and I try to make it there at least once. This year, it didn't happen at all. Midget will enjoy them much more next year anyway!

OneHappyfamily said...

I remember that post. I hope to do that next year. Thanks for your sweet comments. Thanks for "playin!"

Torrie said...

Thanks for the tag, it is always good to have something fun and random to work on.

Lorie said...

I may have to modify this a bit. My computer bit the dust and I am using an new (to me, but like a million years old in computer years) computer, so I don't keep anything on it.

Maybe my sixth back up disk...