Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the princess and the annoying text book

It was Monday morning in the land of Amiedalebergville.

Princess Amie had dropped off her little princes at school and done her chores for the day. She'd done the dishes, the laundry, cleaned up the kids rooms, swept and mopped the floors, and vaccumed the carpets. She had mailed her four letters after standing in line at the post office for a reasonable amount of time with two little children in tow and then dropped off some items at a friend's house. She'd answered four emails, returned one phone call, and printed out some preschool items for her youngest prince to work on. Her daycare duchess was sleeping quietly.

The house was quiet. Serene.

Her A&P book called to her, softly.

"Princess Amie..."

Princess Amie ignored her college text book and plugged in her ipod to recharge as some little prince had left it in the ON position all night.

"Princess Aaaamieeee..." her tome repeated.

Princess Amie applied some chapstick (for she was always biting her lips) and turned away from her book.

"YO! PRINCESS!!!" her book once more insisted, quite rudely for a thing made of such a friendly thing as recycled paper.

"No no no." She declared, regally. "The princess does not wish to study this morning. The princess wants to do something more interesting and fulfilling with her time." She snuck a quick look around the room, saw that no one was looking, and stuffed her study materials under her mattress.

"MMmmrphhhhh mrrrphmmmm..." came the mumblings from the libro de higher learning from under the bed.

Princess Amie nodded in satisfaction.

And pulled out her scrapbooking tote.

"I am the princess, afterall," she declared. And got to work.

The challenge in this was to use something other than cardstock to frame the picture. I used a transparency.

The goal of the next couple shown here was to scrap with 2 colors you least like to use. Mine is hands down orange and purple. Ick. Shudder. Convulse. Spew.

Copied this one from a card I received from Leah once upon a time.

The challenge in this one was to make a Valentine's themed card without using the color red. I kept on with my purple and orange theme to use up all the icky scraps.

And so the princess ignored her scholarly duties and instead let irresponsibility and creativity be her guide. A&P could wait until later.


Christine #2 said...

LOL, too cute. That must be were Sophie gets her "I'm a Princess" song she sings all the time.

Christine #2 said...
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Kendra said...

Beautiful creations, as always! I don't blame you for skipping the home work. Yuck!

Melissa said...

I love your little tale. And such scrappy goodness! There will always be time to study but creativity and scraptime is precious! Thanks for sharing. I loved the overlay frame. Something for me to try sometime, someday when I get to be princess1

marisa said...

I cannot stand purple as well and have never used it on any of my lo's. But I must say you did a good job on the cards with it!

Torrie said...

Why oh why do you detest orange? and purple? You did a great job using them so don't be a hater ;0)

Anonymous said...

Great story. I try to never give into peer pressure too.. Love the scrapping projects. I have been doing a ton of scrapping lately and it feels so gppd. Take care, Tammi

The Bluths said...

Don't hate the awesome!

Christy said...

Dear Princess Amie,

Could you use your royal powers to quiet the rumblings coming from the dirty dishes in my sink? The constant pleas to "wash us!" are getting very annoying.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Your humble servant,

Peasant Christy

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Im glad it waited..the layout is great and you did very well with the cards! It would be hard to do Valentines without the red or pink!