Monday, March 16, 2009

12 of 12 -- sort of

The 12th ended up being pretty busy--with a trip to Mesa, court for some unfinished business with the lawsuit, and general life taking up most of the day, I was just not able to pull out the camera often enough to get 12 interesting shots. However, my son and my mom took a few that they shared with me, and I'm gonna count those as well as a couple from the 13th. Ok with you?

For more information on twelve-of-twelve, go here.

'Member how I admitted that I had fallen at my crossfit workout the other day? Here's one of my bruises on my fat leg as proof.

My toenails look orange (gag) but I promise you they are a lovely shade of coral. Yes, I have stunted toes. I blame ballet as a child. And the fact that I walked on my toes until I was nine.

The necklace I wore today--a Valentine's present from my sweetie.

Little Junior that I babysit has the cutest pacifiers. I love this one. And his chubba wubba cheeks.

Some o' the products I used in the shower that morning. I love that green stuff.

My little Surrogate daughter brings all sorts of lovelies with her each morning--today it was this bear. She gave him a nap in our swing, which is just fine since Junior hates it.

Cameron is actually in Utah visiting my parents for Spring Break, but my mom sent this picture of a project he made while there. Why is he always grimacing?

This is from Sean's camera. He's just as obsessed with self-portraits as I am.

He took this one as he was going down the tube slide. I thought it was rather artistic. And I keep trying to convince him that 9 year olds don't wear shoes with velcro.

Ethan's very first day of his very first sport--T-Ball! He's been asking for literally years when he would have a chance to play. Now it's finally his turn. The group is for 5-6 year olds (he's 4!) but his birthday falls in the middle of the season, so he qualified to play this year. He's so tiny!

Danny favoring us with a little karaoke at night--"Lips of an Angel" one of my faves.

The required self-portrait. At the end of a long day.


Lisa Shatzer said...

My 9 year old son loves his velcro shoes. Tying laces takes to much time!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

You look hella cute for it being the end of the day! .. Your kid with the camera.. brilliant. The other.. love his sign.. he just may be the new CEO of the He Man Women Haters club! haha
That pacifier is hilarious! ;)

Anonymous said...

Chumba wumba cheeks was it? Yeah, I have those too.