Monday, April 20, 2009

the three ring adventure

Several years ago when our kids outgrew the ol' standby aluminum swingset--you know, the one that lifted off the ground as you swang back and forth?--we did some craigslist-ing and found a used swingset for sale on the east side. I don't remember how much we paid...maybe around $1000? Maybe less? I just remember it was a great deal because the ones we liked were selling for around $3500 at Costco and even more at Rainbow.

Anyway, we bought it from a lady who was running an official daycare center in her home. She had learned that she couldn't keep this up in her backyard unless she had the rubberized stuff put into her yard as to prevent injury. We brought it back here and set it up--the thing is a monster. Not only does it have the middle fort and slide area, but it has 'wings' for swings on either side. So at any one time, we can have 5 kids swinging away.

The problem is, after taking it apart and putting it back together, some of the bolts and whatnot were stripped, so it never set just right. It leans pretty bad to the left, but it still looks relatively (ha) safe. We need an engineer to come on over and tell us what to shift, move, straighten, whatever. In the meantime, 3, 4 years later, the kids have been fine with it.


Dad Blogs is giving away one of these:

You can enter to win one here as sponsored by Kids Creations. They are also giving away a great camera to take pics of your chitlens whilst they enjoy said play set. We would love this because it would stand fully upright! And as my kids grow older and bigger, something a little more structurally sound would be a good addition to our backyard.

I'd love if you referred to me when you enter. If I win, I'll give our playset to a very deserving blog reader. If you win, I'll happily take a plate of cookies. Good luck.


Joeprah said...

Make sure you link to kids creations. After that you are good to go. ~ Joe

Joeprah said...

Great! You are entered! Thanks for the quick response btw. :D

Liz said...

Good luck

Charlotte said...

These are made in my town!! Too funny to see them on your blog. :) I hope you win. -charlotte from "the nook"

Charlotte said...

ok, I now see that I am a day late and a dollar short (3 days late really...) Sorry you didn't win.