Monday, May 4, 2009

the great computer swine flu of '09, finally some easter pictures, and what I do with (finger quote)free time

So one thing is clear, I need to take more pictures.  Because for the life of me I can't think of one worthy topic for a blog this fine Monday morning.  I looked back through my reserve of pictures from April and, umm, two words:  bor-ing.  Sadly, I've never posted my pictures from Easter-which were incidentally my only 12-of-12 pics for the day-but in my defense, I ended up with a really nasty flu that night (is there any such thing as a happy bee-boppin' flu?) so I'll use that my excuse as to why the documentation of Easter was a bit lackluster.

But here's one picture.  You know, for the grandparents who stalk my blog:


All right..Easter..check.

My computer has a horrid virus on it.  Seriously.  It's got like the Swine Flu of computer viruses.  We find it, take it off, reboot, and back it comes with a vengeance, affecting other programs and teasing us, taunting us, leaving trails of little computer diarrhea and vomit stains in its wake.  Awesome.

I have so much more free time now that I am out of school, I hardly know what to do with myself. Just wanted you to know that in case you, say, need help with a big project-painting your living room, potty training a child, or mowing your yard.  Just kidding.  I hate all those chores, and I actually haven't had a lot of free time, bit in my mind, there were many points after Thursday-well, I mean Friday and Saturday literally, although Saturday was pretty busy and Friday I was busy all day messing with the Computer Swine Flu of 09, so really, never mind about the 'free time' comment.  My schedule's been pretty tight.

I guess what I meant to say was, there have been several points in the last 3 days when I thought "Ok, I need to get some studying done" and the I remind myself, "Self, you geekwad, you finished your class with a highish 'B' and you rock.  So chillax for the mo'."  (I talk to myself in very hip terms)  Anywhoodle, It's a weird feeling.  I think I may have to register for a summer class just to keep my head on straight.  ;)

Crossfit is moving to evenings starting today, so now I'll have a couple more hours in the morning to fill-I guess that's when I'll do my TurboJam workouts from now on.just flip-flop the two.  So if anyone wants to participate in some high impact dancing, moving, shaking, shimmying, and overall embarassment, come on over 'round 9am. 

I guess that's it.  Happy Monday to you, friends.



leaner said...

I wonder if you have the same "Computer Swine Flu" that I had a month ago. We had to reformat (as in remove everything, wipe the system) the computer to get rid of it, and since my computer was all fancied up by my hubby, my friend couldn't get it working properly. I am on my old, slow computer until hubby comes home.

Christine #2 said...

I got excited about the potty training comment.

New meds don't work. Just as miserable as ever.

Jenna said...

Hey you, way to go on the highish B!

Casey Lu said...

When are you doing Turbo Jam? Thinking I will join you this week! Just let me know what day your doing Weds. or Thurs. and I am there! Way to go on the high B! Sorry about the computer bug hopefully you will get it fixed soon!

heather said...

enjoy the break from school! you deserve it!!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

wink wink.. hope the virus is taken care of soon!

I wish I could turbojam with you. I think youd be a great partner!