Friday, June 26, 2009

lately uploaded on my ipod

Here's what I'm listening to these about you?

"Fire Burnin'" -- Shawn Kingston

"Falling Slowly" -- The Frames (LOVE this song. Love.)

"You Belong With Me" -- Taylor Swift

"No Surprise" -- Daughtry

"Please Don't Leave Me" -- Pink

"Careless Whisper" -- Seether

"American Music" -- Violent Femmes

"If You're Not the One" -- Daniel Bedingfield

"Crazier" -- Taylor Swift

"Heartless" -- The Fray

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Anonymous said...

Greenday-Know your enemy
Linkin Park-New divide
Drowning Pool-37 Stiches
Lady GaGa-Just Dance(not typical for me)
Katy Perry- the whole album, although I only like a few songs, I'm still sifting. I like Hot N Cold, and couple other ones.

I really liked Seethers' take on Careless whisper, I'll be adding that to my iPod shortly!


hairball said...

You need to add a little Michael Jackson on there too!!

Lorie said...

Me, the soundtrack to the Hannah Montana movie. It is what my girl wants to listen to at the moment.

(Crazier is on that soundtrack)

And I love your new blog look!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Love the Seether-Careless Whisper.. its my ringtone!

Heidi said...

"That's not my name" Ting Tings. *excellent power song for running!!!*
Hi. I've been so busy - I'm catching up on my blogs today! EEK!

Natalie said...

"If You're Not the One" by Daniel Bedingfield??? REALLY??? I'm so glad you posted this! THAT is Shawn and I's song from our wedding --- our first dance... the one we're kinda embarrassed about. Though, now, knowing it's on your iPod too, makes me feel less ashamed about it. :) It was just so trendy at the time. We had wanted something more timeless. hahaha. The only reason we chose it is that it always (and still does) came on the radio whenever we were out on a date. I'M SO GLAD it's on your iPod now too! :D