Tuesday, July 14, 2009

12 of 12 - it's about time, literally

I did something a little different this 12-of-12, to get myself motivated.  Instead of taking pictures of different things we did, foods we ate, places we went, and otherwise, I took pictures of the times that all these certain things occurred.  And I did each picture using a different time piece.  I had no idea we had so many time-telling devices in our home-and I didn't even have to use Danny's cell or either of the alarm clocks in the boys' rooms.  So, although it may seem a little boring, I was actually kind of intrigued by the idea and I think the pictures will make an interesting scrapbook page.  Check out Susan's 12-of-12 info page here.


The time I rolled out of bed.  I'd been up late scrapbooking and watching Austin Powers movies so I actually slept in a little this fine Sunday morning. (taken on my alarm clock)



The time the boys ate breakfast. (taken on the microwave clock)



The time of our first (and I think only) telephone call of the day.  (taken on the phone's clock)



The time we ate lunch. (taken on our kitchen clock)



The time the boys got into the bathtub to get ready for church. (taken on my bedroom's wall clock)



The time we left for church. (taken on our dirty dirty car console clock)



The time we got back from church. (taken on my cell phone's clock and incidentally, this counts-sorta-as my self-portrait for this challenge)



The time we left for Aunt Becky's house for dinner. (taken on the decorative clock in my bedroom-and now that I look at it, I think it must be a good 5 minutes slow)



The time we ate yummy dinner at Aunt Becky's. (taken on Danny's dirty wrist watch)



The time we got home from Aunt Becky's. (taken on our car stereo clock)



The time the 5 boys went to bed (we borrowed 2 of our nephews to stay overnight). (taken on the television display clock)



The time Dan and I went to bed-and probably the kids too as they were pretty noisy for about an hour after we put them down.  (taken on our computer clock)


So there you have it.  Anyone else do 12 of 12 this month?


Christine #2 said...

You do have alot of time keeping devices! I don't even have a wall clock. If our cable is out, we are shot!

Liz said...

I heart your flag clock awesome
cute theme

jinxi~ aka angi said...

I always thought you were a clever one.. and there is absolutely no doubt with this 12/12 ;)

The Bluths said...

You look really good in that self portrait one! (Even though it's just a camera phone pic). Your eyebrows look good.

Anonymous said...

hey Amie - GREAT JOB!!!! one month I did a color - eveyrthing I photographed had to be GREEN...same thing as clocks - something to keep me motivated and the project FUN!

thanks for sharing!!!

- - - Susan

wittygal said...

What a fun idea!

Emily said...

I forgot-but I love yours-very clever!

Dahlene said...

Very cool. I don't know if we have 12 clocks in our house. I'll have to start scoping things out. Maybe I can do one.