Thursday, July 9, 2009

honest scrap award

Leaner nominated me. All it means is that I need to come up with another 10 honest things about myself to share with you.

When I got this, I thought...really? What could I possibly say that you all don't already know about me? So I'm digging deep. Let's see if anyone learns something new about moi.

1. Ok this one's pretty easy. I am actually uber shy. You may not think so based on the fact that near my whole doggone life is online, but that's just's words, not my face. And in order to put my words out there, I only have to type and push 'publish'. I don't have to cross the street to talk to neighbors. Or join a conversation already in progress with acquaintances at church . Or introduce myself to other childrens' parents at my kids' basketball games. I'm shy. I hate being the center of attention and I hate speaking in public. Every time I've been forced into those kinds of positions, I have struggled. And usually grown. But struggled to do it.

2. I love fad diets. There, I said it. I now they're not healthy. I know they're not a change of lifestyle and I know they likely won't work long, if at all. But I love trying the new latest and greatest diet, pill, or exercise regime.

3. I'm terrified to start school again in August, this time in an actual classroom? Why? See #1. The idea of having to meet and get along with a classroom of students who are likely 10-12 years younger than me, more confident than me, etc is just nerve wracking. I'm excited about it, but very nervous to be back in full student mode with a teacher whom I need to talk to and get along with in person.

4. I refuse to Facebook, mostly at this point based on principle. Ha. I'm actually curious about reconnecting with old friends (if just for a month or two) but still can not let myself get sucked in to all the other things that come with FB: surveys, games, chats and emails, comments and reading other's updates. I spend too much time online as it is. I don't need FB or Twitter to suck more hours of my day away.

5. I'm too lazy to own a dog. This is literally the reason we give our children as to why we don't have pets. Not interested in having to keep the backyard clean so a puppy won't chew left-out toys. Not interested in pooper scooping. Not interested in having to walk it every day. Not interested in paying for dog food. Not interested in having to find homes for dogs if we go on vacation. I'm just too lazy. It's not worth it to me. Yet.

6. I am horrible at reading my scriptures. Not proud of that. I want to, and I'll start up with great intentions. But then, I forget or sleep or just don't want to take the time to read. I need to work on this.

7. I would get liposuction and a tummy tuck in a heartbeat if my insurance would cover it. Not afraid to say it.

8. I have a desire to move away from AZ and live in Oregon. Cooler temps? Yes! Rain? Yes! An actual fall season with leaves changing colors? Forests, rocky beaches and more, yes yes yes. I'll likely never live there. But it's a wish to get away from the uuugly desert.

9. I can't have an open package of chocolate chips in the house or I'll eat them. No joke. I don't even have any non-opened packages right now. When I make chocolate chip cookies, I have to make enough to finish the bag, then give away every last cookie after my children have had a few. They're like little mini chocolate candy bars. What's not to love?

10. I love the Austin Powers movies. I find them ha-ha-larious. Definitely not something I share with the kids, but I can't help it, I love Mike Meyers' humor. So many quote-worthy lines.

Ok so there's the deep dark side of Amie. Or something.

I now tag anyone who wants to play along, but especially anyone who's name starts with C. =)


Anonymous said...

"For example mini-me loves chocolate--Scotty don't!"

"Shhhh, that was pre-emtive shhhh, just know I have a whole bag of shhhh, with your name on it."

"Preparations A through G were complete failures, but Preparation H feels good." "Oh no I agree, Preparation H does feel good--on the whole....."


Christine #2 said...

When Joey was little (and we were so not active) seriously younger than Sophie, he would watch Austin Powers #2 over and over again and make the air quotes with his fingers and everything. This is why I have a life sized cardboard cutout of Mini Me in my home.

C, huh? Must be talking about someone else LOL

*lindsey said...

I'm too lazy to own a dog too. My kids (and husband) beg me every single day. Just more poop for me to clean up, and I do enough of that as it is.

That is the same parade. Go Eagar! I laughed about the chair tying, yes they are SERIOUS about the parade in Eagar.

Christine said...

And this is exactly why... I heart you!

Lorie said...

That is exactly why we don't have a dog. And luckily my two girls are DEATHLY afraid of them, so I can use them as the reason instead of admitting my laziness! ;D

Jennifer (jkincolorado) said...

#1 - I'm very shy too!! I would have never guessed that about you.
#4 - I'm on FB and it annoys me! I feel like I need to be on there to be 'with it'. The quizzes are really lame!! (Please don't turn me into the FB police!!)
#5 - what about a kitty? They are VERY low maintenance. I have never owned a dog and probably never will.
#7 - ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!
#8 - Colorado has all the things you like....except for rocky beaches. Fall is my favorite season.
#9 - I eat chocolate chips from the bag too.
#10 - Love the Austin Powers movies!! We quote them quite a bit too - great twisted humor.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Well well well.. this really isnt so bad..
ps: I think we all still love ya!