Thursday, July 16, 2009

a scrappy milestone

I finished my Disney Vacation scrapbook!

From Feb 2008.

Yes, I've been working on it for nigh a year and a half.  I endured many battles whilst scrapping the 200+ pictures from our anniversary vacation last year (no I did not scrap them all, but I wanted to!), including hating Disneyland, hating scrapbooking, hating what I was wearing, hating the entire idea of a vacation scrapbook and getting teased mercilessly by those who could not believe how many pictures I took and how many Disney pages I had set out to do!  I will never ever ever ever ever do another one.

But for now, I am quite pleased with my finished product.  I'll have to take a picture tomorrow of the actual scrapbook and show you how thick it is-maybe 6 inches?  It's pretty rediculous.  But it was something new to try and now I know to never ever ever ever do it again!

Here are the final two pages.  I'm particularly in love with the last one.  :)


Oh my gosh they're so much better in person.  I really need to get myself a scanner.  The light bleached out all the detail and color, sparkle and loveliness.  Just take my word for it, they're awesome. 


I've totally gotten back into the scrappy swing of things and honestly, I think it's because I knew I was almost done with this album!  Here's another one I did this week whilst staying up watching Austin Powers movies with my hubby doing puzzles besides me.  {are we the gooberst pair ever? I ask you!}


Yes, the Mommy & the Boys Day of Fun PART TWO!  It looks much better in person too.  Ugh.

I have four others to show but I can't share yet.  Soon, I promise!


Christine said...

love it! Never say never. If I can find my software you can have my scanner =)

Christine #2 said...

Goobers! Love you both. I too think the last Disney page is fantastic!

Liz said...

Yay for completion that's for sure it's adorble all the pages came out well it was fun to follow..

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Right on!

Ya'll are big goobs, but at least you were together being goobs! haha

Im so happy you are done with that project! You sound super relieved!

Margee' said...

Your book looks great!

We went to Disney world 9 years ago and I've still not done my pics!