Thursday, August 6, 2009

lately uploaded on my ipod

Here's what I'm listening to these about you?

"18th Floor Balcony" -- Blue October

"Smile" -- Uncle Kracker

"I Gotta Feeling" -- Black Eyed Peas

"Four Months" -- Kaleb Nation

"More Than Words" -- Extreme

"When I'm With You" -- Sheriff (my favorite song of all time)

"More Than Words Can Say" -- Alias

"I Do Not Hook Up" -- Kelly Clarkson

"Colors" -- Amos Lee

"Girls Just Want To Have Fun" -- Greg Laswell


Anonymous said...

Goodness gracious you are in a mellow mood! The only one I didn't almost fall asleep on was Kelly Clarkson..... As for my recently played list, a few are from you actually......

The Fray - Heartless (love it)
Gary Allen- Smoke rings in the dark
Live- Lakini's Juice
Saliva- Rest in Pieces
Saliva- How could you
Seether - Careless Whisper
Seether- Breakdown(working its' way up to my favorite of all time)
Wicked soundtrack- Popular (I'm not proud of that, but according to my counter it's been played almost 20 times.....)


Jennifer (jkincolorado) said...

Awww, that Sheriff song was played at our wedding ♥ I've loved it since it first came out.