Thursday, September 3, 2009

diet and exercise wrap-up for august

Thanks for all of your well wishes. The potential for smelly dirty stinkiness has been taken care of with a good ol' trip to The Wal-Marts. Thank heavens for that place. Thank heavens.

Just wanted to document my continued Diet and Exercise Drama.

Exercise? *snort* I think the only purposeful exercise I did was the three sessions on the treadmill during my Crystal Light Water Challenge week.

But diet? I did pretty good. Up and down during the month, but I ended up losing another five pounds in August, so I'm happy with that. That makes my total for 2009 24 pounds I think? That just confirms to me that I lose weight by changing my diet, not by exercising.

As usual, just as I seem to have gotten a good roll going (other than the one below my belly button) I am going out of town camping for the next four days and will likely come back 10 pounds heavier. It's just inevitable, no matter how good my intentions start.

Wish me luck.


Carrie said...

It's certainly always a struggle, isn't it? I just started a 2 day fast to prepare for a new exercise program. I've never done that kind of a thing before, but I'm giving it a shot! Just three protein shakes a day and nothing else but water. Well, maybe a little coffee, but don't tell anyone!

24 lbs. is AMAZING!! Keep it up!

Christine #2 said...

Good for you, sorry for the camping thing. Do you want me to limit you and eat some of your portions? I would be happy to LOL Anything to keep you strong ;)

*lindsey said...

I think I'm the same way... bummer. I'd much rather eat what I want and work out more rather than work out hard to no avail. But 24 lbs?! Wow! I think you look smokin! (based on that one other time I saw you in person once.) ;)