Friday, September 18, 2009

it just doesn't stop -- this life thing

So I'm finally done with all my camping pictures. I can hear ya'll now, 'yee-haw!' Since that weekend we've been busy busy with birthdays, school, more get-togethers with friends, afternoon detention, and the book "The Hunger Games" as well as its follow up "Catching Fire".

Dan's leg is still all swollen, but the bump is finally down to about a golf-ball-size as opposed to the baseball-size it was before.

I'm a year older. Twas my birthday last Sunday. We celebrated by going for some tempanyaki at IchiBan and saw the movie "The Time Traveler's Wife", which I recommend if you like good interesting love stories, but don't recommend if bare bum offends you. There's a lot of it. *wink*

The kids had their primary program at church on Sunday and everything seemed to go well. I couldn't see much as I was stuck behind the piano. Later we got together with Dan's brother and sister and their families for a birthday dinner. :)

Dan and I went to the temple Wednesday and ate out with some friends that night to celebrate more birthdays.

Then I stayed up til 1am studying for my 1st lecture exam in Anatomy & Physiology. I think I did ok (maybe high B?) but who knows. I'll just have to wait for next week's class to find out.

Dan just won a bid for a new shift--he'll be leaving the station in our city and his partner that he really gets along with (boo) but FINALLY aftre 3.5 years of working with Southwest Ambulance, he'll be one of the medics who responds to 911 calls, car accidents, heart attack, etc. He's very excited to finally use his skills, and the G. station where he's going is one of his favorites to work at.

My kids have joined band, art, and drama at school and then the younger boys will start T-ball and baseball in October. Throw in Scouts twice a week (we're double-dipping with another troop!) and after-school detention (long story!) and they're staying plenty busy! Me too--in school twice a week and then I try to go to the kids' class rooms at least once a week if I can. Keeps me active and leaves my housework undone at home. Just how I like it. :)

Have a good weekend everybody!


Anonymous said...

wow, you sound SUPER busy. happy late birthday!

Jenna said...

Fall is always such a busy time! I'm glad you had a great birthday!

wittygal said...

Undone, I like it! I think I will enjoy undone housework too. Like I have a choice. Happy late B-Day.

Lorie said...

BUSY!!! I want to hear the detention story!

Amanda said...

Primary Program already??? Wow! Happy Belated birthday!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you Miss Busy Thang!

I love your updates.. and YAY for the new local for your hub!

Keep up the good work at school!

The Bluths said...

I guess I missed a lot, happy belated birthday! And check out my blog for your "present" :)

OneHappyfamily said...

You have got me worried... Where the heck are your daily posts?

Margee' said...

Happy Birthday, a little late.

Busy life you have. Mine used to be like that.

Dahlene said...

What would be blog about if our lives were boring? I'm glad you got to celebrate your birthday in a great way. We try not to over-schedule our kids, but with 4 of them involved in different things our life is really crazy some days too. Isn't life great?