Monday, October 5, 2009

kicking off the week. . .

I have a new review for Cheer, along with a little giveaway, up on my review blog. (contest goes til Nov 5th)

Also, the Febreeze review and contest is still going on for the $100 giveaway. Don't forget to enter! (contest goes til Oct 27th)

In addition, just wanted to update my blog that I lost another 3 pounds in September. Slow-going, but considering that September was full of birthday parties, get togethers, camping, and more, I think I did pretty well. Down 27 for the year. :)

Over the weekend I came down with a horrid cold--I felt better Sunday than Saturday, but I have a feeling it's just because I didn't take any cold medicine yesterday. That stuff always has horrid side-effects on me, worse than the original symptoms. So other than a little Nyquil at night, I tend to stay away.

However, I have a full week ahead of me including 3 visits to the boys' school (I already canceled today's visit), my next huge lecture exam in A&P on Thursday, and then Fall Break. Gonna be a busy week. I'm going to have to find some rest in there somewhere!

Dan's loving his new schedule. He went from getting between 8-14 calls a 24-hour period day to about 2 now on his 911-responder shift. Seriously. Can you believe it? What does that tell you about the Transport rides with Southwest Ambulance?! They seriously need to add some more staff and open up some more stations to cover it all.

Have a good week everybody!

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jinxi~ aka angi said...

Definitely busy week! I hope you are feeling better!!!

Thank you so much yesterday for the funny & kind comments.. it really helped my day along!! :)