Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a little catchup and mustard for you

Sorry I've been kind of MIA lately. That last cold/flu/virus/mack-truck/whatever-hit-me kind of zapped my energy. I finally learned that the Nyquil was keeping me exhausted and sleepy throughout the following day, so I gave that up and have been feeling much better since.

School's been kicking my butt too--last night we took the family to Country Kitchen for dinner and during our meal all Dan and I were talking about was Cardiac Output and ventricles and blood pressure and stroke volume and systole and diastole and etc etc etc. My brain was fried.

I finally started my garden, but I'm sure, way too late. I have tomato plants, green onions, carrots, and cucumbers this time. Not sure why since I don't even like cucumbers. But it's what I had on hand. We'll see if anything grows before it gets too cold.

I just finished reading "My Sister's Keeper" which is probably the saddest book I've ever read. Not just the ending and resolution but every-single-stinking-chapter within. Sad just for the sake of being sad? I'm not sure. I then tortured myself by watching the movie which I hated even more because it didn't stick to the plot of the book. *shrug* I can't recommend either.

We've had a couple of fun nights with friends--on Friday Karaoke and the "Transformers 2" movie and then Monday night for Family Home Evening with the Mechams out at White Tanks, a hike, and a picnic dinner. So fun! We sure love our friends.

Is it possible that Christmas is only 2 months away? I haven't planned ONE thing. November is going to be crazy, I can tell!

This week is Spirit Week at the boys' school, so they've gotten to dress up a little bit each day. Today is Crazy Hair Day. Much gel, hairspray, and hair spray paint is on the agenda. Better get to it.

Have a safe Halloween everyone!


tif-do said...

Jodi Picoult is one of my favorite authors. I loved My Sisters Keeper, but you are right, it hurt my insides reading it, every page. Have you read any other of her books... I would suggest Plain Truth, Nineteen Minutes, and The Pact. Anyway glad you are feeling better.

Emily said...

Hah! Cute title. I'm sorry you were so sick. I am trying to think positively but I assume it's headed for me (nursery, preschool, etc.)

wittygal said...

We had a good time hanging out too. I will email you pics. Warning, the kids look like they acted in all of the pictures.

Lorie said...

I am glad are feeling better!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Do hope your feeling better!

Great friends and times together you just cant beat!!!

November will be a busy one for sure!

Margee' said...

Where do the days, weeks and months go? Christmas stuff in the stores!