Thursday, December 31, 2009


That's all you're getting 'cuz I can't for the life of me coerce my brain into decently describing the last seven days of our holiday.

(I've always liked how the English say "on holiday" rather than "on vacation". It just sounds so much more fun, and more celebratory in a way that "on vacation" doesn't convey. I'm adopting it from here on out.)

(I just realized I said "the English" rather than "the Brittish" or "the European". I've been reading an Amish series lately and have picked up some speech habits I think)

So, yes, snippets.

  • Hubby worked the 24 hours of Christmas Eve leading into Christmas Day, so he got home around 7am. The present opening was quick but meaningful. All of us had asked for things that were a bit on the pricey side (relatively) so the presents were few but hopefully what everyone had needed or wanted.
  • I was surprised with diamond earrings--small, but perfect. The kids all got electronic gadgets that saved us on our holiday excursion to my parents 7 hours away.
  • There: presents and presents and presents and more presents. Attention Grandma: next year, reign it in a few dozen notches! (and thank you!) We ate out, ate junk in, crafted, watched movies, read books (I think I finished two and a half?), did some after Christmas shopping, visited the St. George temple lights
  • Pirates Island--think Peter Piper Pizza. I think we were there nigh on 3 hours. Fun. And loud.

  • I did not sleep well. Still haven't, in fact. Too hot, too cold, too uncomfortable, too many thoughts, too much heartburn from too much crappy eating, whatever. Sleepless night makes me grouchy--just ask my best friend whom I kind of got in a fight with last night (not really, but probably the closest we've come in all the years we've known each other)--I'm not a peach to be around right now. And, sorry Friend.
  • Went through the temple with a sister-in-law for her first time. That's always awesome.
  • Gained approximately ten pounds. Maybe. The batteries mercifully died on my scale the day before we left--call it a preemptive strike on it's part?--so I don't now. I just know that I feel 'fluffier' than normal. Grr.
  • Hubby's back to work and actually working 4 days straight--24/12/12/24. That makes me Grr too. Two of those are OT days and will not interfere with New Year's Eve, so that makes me happy. Thanks honey.
So there's some snippets of our holiday for ya.

Somehow blogging holds no excitement for me at the moment, so hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things and soon.

(Today's the last day to enter the $100 Visa card giveaway as sponsored by BlogHer and Hershey. I have a couple more coming up so keep your eyes peeled. I don't think I've ever had a friend randomly win one of these big ones but wouldn't that be fun?)

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